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+ I'm Fyd! A full time working Malaysian Biotech scientist based in Kuala Lumpur, who loves crochet, crafts & DIYs.
+ Here's where I started sharing my craft journey since 2010. Since then I've been featured in some of the local TV shows and also magazines.
+ I'm a life member of The Arts & Crafts Guild, KL & Selangor and currently a crochet instructor in Spotlight, Malaysia.

If you like to say hello, you can email me at misfydkrafts@gmail.com

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My (not so) New Beaded Bracelet

This bracelet I've made just before the 8TV Quickie show quite sometime ago. Maybe it's not that obvious but I wore it on the show =).

I used some antique coloured beads which are kinda hard to find. I did went back to the same shop to purchase more but unfortunately they are out of stock. I just love the beads!

Custom Bubble Beret & Coral Beret Beanie

This is the 2nd order from Fallahiah for another 2 custom beanies, Bubble Beret & Coral Beret Beanie. Here's the outcome:

It was fun designing them especially the pink bubble beret! Thanks Fallahiah for your order! =)

Paper Crafter V2 Get-together by Miyyah

The Paper crafter V2 get-together by Miyyah was on the same day with the Norlie's felt class at the school. After finishing the class all of us went to Eco Cents at Damansara Ara where her get-together was held. The Eco cents is a store where they sell vintage clothing from Japan. You can checkout their FB page here & blog page here.
Checkout some photos of the get-together:

Mikko, Sabrina, Norlie, Zam & me at the get-together after the class. 
We 5 are completely different type of crafter (we are loud & busybody) compare to the real paper crafter where they sit quietly, concentrate making their fabulously gorgeous cards! You can compare our table & their table from the photo! =) 

  Here's some photo of the end product from the paper crafters & the paparazzi busy taking photo. Absolutely gorgeous don't you think? 
I've only made the paper pin & the punch frog (the quilling leaves are by Zam =P). 

It was definitely fun to have crafters get-together no matter what type of crafter you are. You can learn a lot from sharing & watching what each other is good in. 

February Craft Activities: Norlie's Felt Class for SK Puchong Utama 3

A very late post on my craft activities that I've involved in February. One of it was helping Norlie's felt craft for SK Puchong Utama 3 school kids in the morning of 26th February. Checkout the photos of the activities.

Teacher Norlie, Zam, Mikko & me busy teaching the kids how to sew felt into hairclip & strap.

Teacher Sabrina teach the teachers group. I managed to teach the only boys group in the class & they did very well in sewing the felt although it was their first time holding the needle! They did a really great job in sewing the monster strap while other groups (all girls) were busy making flower & heart shape strap =).

It was definitely a fun experience teaching kids how to sew felt.

New Hat Design: Wavy Painter's Hat

Holla everyone! Sorry for the long silence! A bit occupied with work & my internet line is not that good these few weeks. Anyway straight to the post is my new design of my painter's hat that I've done quite some time ago. This time I played around with stitches to make the wavy lines on the hat. Here's the new design:

My new polystyrene girl (Poly) model helped me to model the new beanie. 
She will be working hard with polystyrene boy model in MFK for awhile =D.

Oh what do you think about my new design? It's a bit harder to make compare to the plain one. This beanie also can be worn by guys too by making it slightly bigger in size.

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