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+ I'm Fyd! A full time working Malaysian Biotech scientist based in Kuala Lumpur, who loves crochet, crafts & DIYs.
+ Here's where I started sharing my craft journey since 2010. Since then I've been featured in some of the local TV shows and also magazines.
+ I'm a life member of The Arts & Crafts Guild, KL & Selangor and currently a crochet instructor in Spotlight, Malaysia.

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F'dyHana OoHana Headband

This is my first order for adjustable headband from Kak Zamnah. She ordered a purple flower with brown band. Here's how the headband turned out:

The overall photo of the Oohana with shinny glass bead middle, size adjustable double button & a slider to tuck in the extra long band.

Here's the close up of the OoHana.
Hope that Kak Zamnah is satisfied with the headband for her baby girl =).

Rubber Stamp for MFK Card

Last weekend I carved another rubber stamp. This time is for my name card. Here's the outcome:

I'm still thinking of what else to carve to add on the name card.

MFK Beanie & Hat Photo Session in Kuching

I had a fun little MFK photo session with my volunteer models (my Pdy & my little sister) at my home in Kuching =). Most of the photos are taken by myself, a few were taken by Pdy & my mum. At last I managed to finish the editing. So here's the edited photos from our photo session:
Thanks to my 2 models my Pdy & my little sister. Luv you both!
Anyone else who wants to volunteer to be new MFK models out there? =)

New Earflap Beanie

While in Kuching I managed to create a new beanie with earflap which my little sister were interested in. I used the extra grey yarn which I brought to Kuching for Ratemie's plain beanie order. It's the same as the plain beanie pattern where I just added earflaps at both side. Here's the new beanie:

I've also tied a braided yarn at the end of both earflap. This one I gave to my little sister. She already wore it a few times in Kuching =). We have some photo session modelling my beanies & hat including this one. I'll post it later when I managed to edit the photos.

Here's the plain beanie that Ratemie ordered:
You can see that it is nearly the same pattern as the earflap beanie =). I managed to pass it to her at our friend's wedding reception in Kuching. Ratemie is actually my old secondary schoolmate. Thanks Ratemie!

Actually I have another order that I've finished in Kuching which was a green beret beanie for Kimi. I forgot to snap some photos of the beanie =P. Anyway she said it was a perfect fit and I was glad to hear that =). Thanks Kimi for your order!

F'dyHana Rose on Hair Tie

I'm back from my 'balik kampung' (back to hometown trip) Kuching Sarawak last Sunday. I had a wonderful time relaxing at home, relieved my craving for Sarawak food like mee kolok+laksa sarawak+tea C special & spending one whole week with my mum, brothers, sister & my Pdy. Missing them already =(.
With all the relaxing time, I've also managed to finished some orders & create new stuff. I'll will update all of them in this week ;)

The week before I went back to Kuching, I managed to make my first hair tie using F'dyHana Rose. This one I made some leaves & attached them with the Rose. So here's my new F'dyHana Rose with leaves on a hair tie:

 The grey rose with leaves hair tie. I think the grey colour makes the rose look more classic.

Here's how the rose looks like when tie it for a pony tail.
What do you think?

Fyd's Version Fedora Hat = Fydora

I've started this project around early last week & just finished it yesterday. I was trying to make a Fedora Hat which the idea came from my Pdy but then it turned out a bit small & snuggy on me. I think this is S size but still wearable I guess. It doesn't really look like a Fedora hat, so I decided to call it FYDORA =Fyd's version of fedora :p. How's that sound? Heheh. So here's my new design Fydora:

 I've used black chunky yarn with sc all over to make the hat harder. As the hat was too snuggy, I changed the initial plan to put ribbon around it to a crochet band which is more stretchy. I tied the bow with a ribbon so that it is not too thick.

Here's how it looks like when I model it. It looks ok for my first 'not quite there yet' Fedora= Fydora hat. 
Later will try to make a better & slightly bigger one for guys =).

1st crafters "Feather or Bulu" Gathering

Last weekend I managed to meet up with some of my online crafter friends, Norlie from SekociNorlie, Sabrina from MikyLayna & Rafidah from PinkShoeLover. The meet up was kind of a last minute planning as last Saturday was the only Saturday left that me & Sabrina in KL. Initially the meet up was for getting some feathers from Norlie, that is why it is called Bulu (feather in English) Gathering. We brought some along some junk food for a picnic & chitchat in Shah Alam Lake Park. It was great to finally meet up with all of them as we normally comment each other online. Here's some shots of us at the short gathering:

 The beautiful view of Shah Alam Lake Park.

4 of us with Miky+Layna and 6 years old Wana behind the camera. She took this photo & she did it well =). Check out more photos in my FB.

New Gold Puff Beanie

Here's another beanie that I've completed last weekend. This one is more suitable for girls. I've used a light brown yarn but the colour is quite close to gold colour. Love the colour. I've used the puff stitch to make some texture. Do you know that it is actually my first time doing puff stitch! Well remarkably it turned out ok I guess with a slanting pattern of the puffs. So here's the gold beanie:

Here's the beanie while it's flat. Didn't not plan to make the puff slanting but then it's still look ok.

Here's some photos of me modeling it =)
Damn just remember that I forgot to write down the stitches pattern...well I just need to remember it back & count the stitches =P.

'A & K' Rubber Stamp

One of my to do list was offering myself to carve a initial rubber stamp for my friend A who is going to get married in July. I was asking her for the pattern quite sometime but she always forget as she is quite occupied with her wedding preparations. So as my hands was quite itchy to carve, I start looking for nice fonts on the net. I found some Victorian style fonts which I think would be nice for the stamps. My hand writing is not that pretty (as my History teacher in secondary school did scold me for my terrible hand writing :p), and my designing for initial is not that good either. But then still I just design it free hand based on the fonts available. Here's the carved rubber stamps:

 Hope A & K loves it =)

New Black Plain Beanie

I made a new design beanie last weekend. This is one of my to do list. A beanie for my Pdy. But I think it turned out to be small for him & just nice for me =P.  I think I need to modified for a bigger one for him =). As the colour is black,  actually the beanie is quite versatile & can be use for girls too.
Here's the new unisex black beanie:

 I've play around the stitches for the middle part to make some texture.

Here's some photos of me modeling the beanie. For extra girly look, maybe I should try to put some embellishment on the beanie.

Next, need to make another one which is slightly bigger for my Pdy =)

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