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+ I'm Fyd! A full time working Malaysian Biotech scientist based in Kuala Lumpur, who loves crochet, crafts & DIYs.
+ Here's where I started sharing my craft journey since 2010. Since then I've been featured in some of the local TV shows and also magazines.
+ I'm a life member of The Arts & Crafts Guild, KL & Selangor and currently a crochet instructor in Spotlight, Malaysia.

If you like to say hello, you can email me at misfydkrafts@gmail.com

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The Founder, Designer, Crocheter, Crafter of MisFydKrafts (001975460-K)


Simple String Necklace

Inspired by Marta's Creative Yarn again I made my own string necklace. Marta's shared the pattern to everyone (She's nice) but I still can't really understand the crochet terms. So I just made it up myself. Struggled a bit on how to end the necklace but somehow managed to complete the necklace. So here's my new necklace!

Tadaaaa!! My new brown string necklace with a nice button to fasten it :)

Crochet Bow

Everyone loves ribbons or bow. So I tried to google on how to crochet ribbon or bow  & found out a great blog on crochet. Marta is from Italy & she's a very nice person where she like to share her great crochet & knitting to everyone. Her blog name is CreativeYarn. Her work inspires me a lot on my creations. Thanks Marta!

Some of her creations which are the necktie with a bow & headband with bow are so cool. So I try to make one myself with different stitches of my own as I can't really understand the crochet language :p. So here they are:

My first bow!Not that neat but I think the 2nd & 3rd one are much better. 

The black crochet necktie with a red bow.

 The black headband with a green bow.

Voila!My new creations inspired by Marta :)

Dizzy Swirly Swirl!

I took a challenge to make a swirl pattern using 2 different colour yarn. Without following any swirl patterns out there, I just start crochet the swirl using my imagination. Managed to create a cool 8.5cm diameter round swirl!

 Crochet the side with black yarn to make it nicer. It turns out to be a nice mug coaster!:p

Paper Star Ornament

This week Syara was busy making paper craft ornament for her best friend's bridal shower party. She is into paper craft since in Japan. Me (like origami) & Amal (paper craft lover too) was excited to help her on the ideas & making some ornaments for her. She found one tutorial online on making a star ornament by combining 6 folded papers (sorry didn't know the website, maybe I'll ask next week). I helped her to make one, a larger one compare to another two that she had made. Here's the result:

 After combining all 6 folded paper with 3 different colours.

After finished folding the sides, the nice 3D star ornament is completed. I love it! :)

New F'dyHana! - Chrysanths, Sunflower & PomPomflower

I designed these new F'dyHana for quite sometime. Finally I managed to finished them.
First is Chrysanths short for Chrysanthemum, which I put a small crocheted button in the middle of the curl up petals. Second is the Sunflower, which I crochet with short petals & finished it with a bigger crocheted button in the middle. Third is the PomPomflower I've designed it when I tried to make some pompoms for fun.
So here they are all new 3 types:

I think they are cute. What about you? 
More various application to come with my F'dyHana soon :)

Now Crochet Bracelets are available in Shop!

The bracelets in my previous posts are available for purchase in my shop :).
Checkout more details, photos & description HERE.

Happy shopping!

Checkered Funky Scarf

For these few days I was designing & crochet a scarf. While google thru the net for some crochet stitches ideas & stumbled with granny squares. Actually it's one of the basic design for making table cloth that normally mums out there doing. I didn't play around so much with the stitches but more with the colours. Managed to finished it yesterday while watching XxxHolic on Animax in Japanese :). Just misses listening to Japanese. Here's the first attempt scarf I've made:

Finished 20 squares for the scarf. Used 2 different base colour which are brown & light brown.
Side crocheted with either pink, blue or green yarn.

After finished joining each squares together.

This is how it looks on a T-shirt. 
What do think for my first attempt scarf? I think maybe need to improve my colour matching skills :)

Crazy Love? Crazy Heart?

Well actually crazy 'crochet-ing' heart :). As last Sunday was 'kongsi' CNY & Valentines day, browsing thru some craft blogs, I found something interesting. Crochet heart shape! It sounds challenging, so as normal my hands were itchy to try to make one. Without reading any tutorials (lazy to read as usual), I let my own crochet knowledge (not that much) & creativity do the work.
Here are some of the crochet hearts that I managed to design:

 The Red+Green+Button was the first try. The other two was just made a few hours ago :D. 
What do you think about these hearts? Actually still don't what to use them for :p. Any ideas?

Oh nearly forgot, I've tried to crochet a Smiley face which was suggested by my dear Pdy. As I was crazy to try at that time (same as the heart) I made one! Not that neat but at a glance you know it's a smiley smiley face :). I even made it into a comic strip.

Happy crafting everyone!

What is F'dyHana for?

Most probably you are wondering what is F'dyHana use for.

First let me tell you a bit about F'dyHana.
I know that branding is kinda important for a business. It's a trade mark of your business All businesses normally have their own branding name. So, as I was thinking of starting my craft shop,  I came out with F'dyHana.

F'dy = pronounce as 'Fi-Dee' actually adopted from my photo blog F'dyGraphy (feeling very guilty of not updating it for quite sometime as I was busy taking & editing photos for MisFydKrafts). It sounds like my nickname Fyd / Fid, plus an apostrophe to make 'dy' sounds like 'the'. In addition, it also sounds like my dear Pdy nickname too ;)

Hana= pronouce the same as it spelled. As I was thinking of other word for flower, thank god that I have an extra language which is Japanese making it easier for me to decide. Yes, Hana is flower in Japanese.

By combining both, Taa daaa~  born my precious flower crochet name F'dyHana.
Do you think it sounds like a girl's name? :)

Ok finished with the name,
here are some ideas & examples how you can use it:

  • Strap It On- If you choose to attach a strap on F'dyHana, then you can spice up your gadgets such as mobile phone (like what I do now), USB drive, camera & even your DS (I have one for 2 years but just found out they have a slot for hanging strap!). It will be a unique way to make easy detection  (if it is small & lose) or distinguish your gadgets from others.

  • Pin It On- You can also choose to attach a pin & use it as a brooch. On scarfs, tudung, baju kurung, blouse, jacket, tank top, beanies/cap/hat, bags, shoes etc. 

  • Strap+Pin It On-  Attach both strap & pin, then you can use F'dyHana anywhere, anytime you like it.

  • Lock It In- New F'dyHana is coming where you can put it on your lovable Crocs shoes or any shoes that has hole on it. Make sure to check the updates later :)

That are just some ways you can use F'dyHana & there are many more new design to come. I'm open for any ideas or suggestion on F'dyHana. 

Check out the some example photos below on how F'dyHana Roses will look like on your gadgets or wardrobe.
If you like the idea of F'dyHana, don't forget to pick one today at my shop :)


F'dyHana - Rose series available for picking!

Here's the first batch of my F'dyHana Roses, ready for picking. Choose any colour you like :)

Here's the slightly side view of F'dyHana - Roses.

Roses Colour & Code Name: 
Row 1:
Milk Coffee (FHR-MC1), Wood Brown (FHR-WB1), Charcoal Black (FHR-CB1), Pure White (FHR-PW1),
Row 2:
Bloody Red (FHR-BR1), Sweet Orange (FHR-SO1), *Rose Pink (FHR-RP1), Ash Grey (FHR-AG1), *Shocking Purple (FHR-SP1),
Row 3:
Lime Green (FHR-LG1), Candy Pink (FHR-CP1), True Yellow (FHR-TY1), Shocking Red (FHR-SR1)

*Note: I have trouble taking photo of especially Shocking Purple & Rose Pink F'dyHana as it turns out not the real colour. Check this for nearest colour to the 'Shocking Purple' & 'Rose Pink'

Size:     40-45mm in diameter 
Price:  RM 7.00 (choice of strap or pin)
                 RM 8.00  (both strap & pin)
               [Prices stated are not including delivery]

All flowers above are ready made (as in the photo) & available for picking. There are 2 Hanas available for each colour. After confirming what you want to attach on the picked F'dyHana, then I will put either strap, pin or both.

Picking status [Thanks! :)]:
Rose Pink (FHR-RP1):    2 Hana has been picked, (can be restock in demand)
Candy Pink (FHR-CP1):  2 Hana has been picked (can be restock in demand)
Bloody Red (FHR-BR1):  2 Hana has been picked (can be restock in demand)
Milk Coffee (FHR-MC1):  1 Hana left
Others:                        2 Hanas still available for each colour

Happy Picking! :)

MisFydKrafts Shop is Now Open!

As I wanted to share to everyone & let people enjoy my crafts as much as I do, I'm starting my craft shop. So feel free to browse any updates on MisFydKrafts shop. I hope to have good support from everyone who likes handmade stuff out there.

For starters, I will start with the available handmade for sale & continue making new design along the way. If you have anything in mind, ideas or enquiries just drop me an email to f.dy.accessories@gmail.com or fill in the form linked below. I will attend to you as soon a possible :).

Check the available items labeled 'shop' under categories. When you found something you like, take note the code name & fill in the MisFydKrafts Form

The link to the will also be available at the sidebar :)

P/S: All the items in shop are handmade by MisFyd or otherwise stated. Each item are made with care & unique on it's own.

Happy Browsing & Shopping!

A Beanie for Baby Emily

I was owing a friend's baby a prezzie for quite sometime as I was thinking of making something for her baby. Thought of making booties or mittens but don't really know how to. I know there are many tut out there but then I don't really understand reading it :p. Eventually I crochet a hat for her where it's more comfortable for me to design & make :). Managed to pass to my friend just before Chinese New Year. So here is the hat. Although I think it's kinda big for her now (3mths old) but really hope that Emily will like it.

I used a mix colour yarn (white & pink) & placed a layered crochet flower on the side. 
Hope she can wear it on a sunny day when the size is right :)

Rubber stamp - MisFydKrafts

These few days I was crazy carving some rubber stamps for MisFydKrafts. I managed to designed & finished 5 patterns. These are the patterns
  • MisFydKrafts© with blog address
  • F'dyHana©
  • Handmade by MisFyd
  • 'Hand' made by MisFyd with 'Love'
  • Flower from hearts
  • Checkered button
Here are some of the process & the finished rubber stamp photos :)

After designing on a paper with a pencil, traced design on a suitable size eraser.
Then I just use the carving knife to crave off the unwanted part.

These are the rubber stamps that I had craved for these few days :)

My Favourite Pencil Case

As I was digging out stuff in my craft box, I found my old favourite pencil case. Simply design crochet using maroon colour wool & sewn with a zipper. I pin it up with some badges to make it more interesting. I've used this pencil case years since before I flew to Japan for study until I've graduated. Although it's my oldest vintage pencil case I have, I still love it :)

Crochet Style Bracelet - Black+Red

Last week I managed to make another simple mix colour bracelet. Mainly black in colour with bumpy design & red side lining. Oh plus the antique look gold button to fasten. Here it is:

Voila! What do you think about this one? :)

This crochet bracelet now is available for purchase! 
Bracelet Colour & Code Name: Black + Red lining (CBP-BR1) 
Material:     Acrylic, Gold plastic button 
Size:     19.5cm(L) x 3.5cm(W), suitable for wrist size 13.5-17.5cm (circumference)
Price:  RM 13.00
               [Prices stated are not including delivery]

Suitable if you like something different or unique yet simple for a bracelet.
Soft & light with adjustable size using the gold vintage-look plastic button.


Happy Shopping! :)

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