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+ I'm Fyd! A full time working Malaysian Biotech scientist based in Kuala Lumpur, who loves crochet, crafts & DIYs.
+ Here's where I started sharing my craft journey since 2010. Since then I've been featured in some of the local TV shows and also magazines.
+ I'm a life member of The Arts & Crafts Guild, KL & Selangor and currently a crochet instructor in Spotlight, Malaysia.

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Felting craft

I didn't managed to create anything new last week as I was busy with my work. Sunday was full of errands & today I have my company's bowling tournament. It was a great game & my team did a really great job!

As I'm feeling guilty not updating anything on my blog :p, I dig out some of my crafts that I did while in Japan. Today I'll show you the one & only felting work that I've tried.

When you hear about felt work, most probably the first thing pop-up in your head are all those colourful sheets of felt for your craft especially for scrapbooking, making hairclips, playbooks etc.
Actually there are 2 more types of felt work which is wet felting & needle felting.

Wet felting: Making sheets, various shapes & colour by wetting fleece or wool felt
Needle felting: Making patterns on felt by combining fleece or wool felt using felting needle.

So here's some photos of the felting craft that I've done & the apparatus that I have:

Here's my first felting attempt. A felt coin purse using wet felting for the body base, needle felting for the ladybird & the felt beads from scratch. The original pattern was only the coin purse from the book at the background but I've added the plastic & felt beads strap for some embellishment.

Some wool fleece & felt from Hamanaka that I still have in my craft box. Maybe I should try make something out of these some day :)

My felting starter kit from Hamanaka which consist of a netting sheet, bubble wrap, roller, big plastic sheet, plastic bags & soap for felting.

The needle for felting. It has some slits on the needle.

So any new crafts that you had tried before?

New Crochet Headband - Plain adjustable with 2 buttons

I did a new design crochet headband which is adjustable for babies & toddler (newborn to 24mths). Haven't try a longer version for adults. Maybe later :)
Anyway, here's the new crochet headband design:

As this headband can fit new born to toddler, the extra band will be quite long for small size head. To lessen the extra band sticking out, I've made a slider to support the extra band.
This headband can be worn just like that or attach with one of the F'dyHana or my bow.
What do you think about this one? :)


I've got my first award!!

I'm so happy & honoured to received an award from my friend Aisyah from My Tinker Space!
Thanks Aisyah for remember me & giving me this special award!
It will be my first ever award that I've received since I blog about my craft 3 months ago. :) 

It seems that it has some rules on receiving the award, the rules are:

1. Nominate 12 bloggers.
2. Put the logo onto your sidebar or within a post.
3. Link the nominees within your post.
4. Let the nominees know they’ve received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link the sidebar logo to the person from whom you’ve received this award.

So here's my nominees:

1) Aisyah from My Tinker Space. A great crafter friend, regular commentor & luv sharing ideas in her Daily DIY.

2) Kak Rafidah from PinkShoeLover. A crocheter who is great with her headbands & a cool lady.

3) Mummy Dhiacoco from PinkyFrogShop. An inspirational local pro-crocheter for baby beanies.

4) Ezyane from Cute & Yummy. A fellow crocheter who creates kawaii bear bear.

5) Sabrina from Mikylayna. A creative crafter who creates nice felt work for kids.

6) Kak Jijah from ChomelCraft. A successful crafter for her cute hairclips for kids.

7) Kak Sue from MyBotong Crafty Corner. A Malaysian teacher in Japan who love sewing.

8) Kak Fit from Japanese Cotton. A crafter friend who graduated from the same uni, Japanese cotton 'supplier' & great in sewing wrislet.

9) Nurel from NurelL's Craft. The Numan's daughters who joined hands to do craft together even though all of them are in different parts of Malaysia.

10) Sue from Mindnsoul. A fellow crocheter who loves to make amigurumis.

11) Namizam from Miezcraftshop. A dude who makes cool felt work, help in rebranding & new crocheter.

12) Syazwi from MyChoclateMuffins. A very young crafter going thru her SPM soon.

Hope everyone enjoy the award as I do when I've received it. Have a great day guys!

Beanie Beret Style for Toddler - custom order

I got an order from my friend Cikyamz a custom beret beanie for her 1 year plus little daughter Ayra. This is my first beanie order for toddler. She needed it urgent as she is going to Japan around 2 weeks. Cikyamz requested shades of pink & purple. I managed to designed the beanie within a day & the beanie itself with my available yarns over the weekend. She also requested a F'dyHana Rose to attach on the beanie.
So here's my trial design, the real design  & the outcomes:

Actually this is my first trial on making a smaller beanie beret using a thinner & softer yarn. I think this was too small for a 1 year old kid. So eventually & most probably it will be Itam's beret :p. Anyway Itam looks good with the brown beanie! 

Based on this first trial, with some modification, I made the real one based on my sketch design. Here's the sketch & the outcome.
The beret beanie when it's flat & the top view.  
I did some variation on the stitches so the pattern looks like a flower.

Here's some photo with Itam as a model :)
I hope it fits well on Ayra :). 
Going to delivery the beanie soon & hope to get some photos when Ayra wears the beanie.

F'dyHana Rose - Request Order

Last weekend I also managed to made a colour request order from Kak Fiza. She wanted a light purple Rose pin for her daughter. So here's the Lilac colour F'dyHana for Kak Fiza:

Sweet lilac colour rose for Kak Fiza's daughter. Hope she'll like it for her baju kurung :)

New Bow Design - Double Bow

It's been quite sometime that I wanted to make a new bow design since the first one which I made as a headband & bow tie. Here's the new double bow design:

I've also tried to make the simple bow again with the same colour. I think I like the new bow more :)

Here's my new model called Itam! Itam also means Blacky in English. Hehehe. I don't have little cute little models like mums out there but I have little cute bighead Itam as my model.
So here's Itam modelling both of the bows :D
Ain't my new model Itam cute? :)  Which bow do you like?

New F'dyHana - OoHana

Huh!!!!...It's been more than a week I didn't update my blog & FB. Last weekend I had a major headache on Saturday & some shopping for supplies. So didn't managed to update anything. But then I didn't stop my crochet. Had some new orders & did some new designs! Alhamdullilah my handwork managed to set a small place out there. Although just started February & it's still not big but then it's a good start for me =)

Anyway, last week I made a new design F'dyHana. This one is called OoHana which means big flower in Japanese. Do you know if you minus one 'o' it means family in Hawaiian?
Actually OoHana is designed based on my vintage crochet flower that I'm using on my mobile. Both Amal, Shida & Sabrina ordered for the same flower & colour as my vintage flower for pin,  so I used my 5 year old stash yarn which I've bought from Japan & also the same yarn that I used for my vintage flower! Yup just imagine I still have the same yarn for 5 years & finally finished it & I've also managed to make myself a new one with the same yarn :p.

So here's some photos of the new OoHana:

Not really the same design as I can't remember the old design but it's as big as my vintage flower.
Give it a fluffy touch which I normally like with my crochet flowers. The 3D effect.
The size is around 5cm & a sew some beads at the middle.
Most probably it will turn out to be like my vintage flower when you used it for 5 years.
Just heve to use, wait & see. :p

First Crochet Clutch Bag

I just completed my new project which is my first clutch bag! :)
This one size is about 23x12x4.5(cm) in red.
It took me like nearly 4 days to think about the design & completed it. I've used mainly sc & ch to make the pattern. So here's my first design clutch bag:

I sew a zipper which is quite tough to sew neatly but still manageable. Added some silver colour beads to bling it a bit.
I also sew my newly made labels on the inner side of the clutch! Need more pratice on sewing it. Seem that the iron on transfer layer is easily ribbed off when you sew thru it. Hmm...need to figure out how to sew it neatly later. 
Anyway some more photos on the clutch :)

Here's the strap I design it myself by using a ring which I crocheted with 2 different colour yarns. Brown & Red.

As always I'll try to put some stuff in the bag to try. The clutch can fit my bulky wallet & handphone with some ample space for keys, pocket tissue etc. 
So what do you think of my new design clutch bag?
Would you want one?

Sneak Peak - New Project!

Here's a sneak peak on my new project! It's in red! 
Still thinking how to finish it. Beads or no beads.......Stay tune!:)

MisFydKrafts Fan Page on FB

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