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+ I'm Fyd! A full time working Malaysian Biotech scientist based in Kuala Lumpur, who loves crochet, crafts & DIYs.
+ Here's where I started sharing my craft journey since 2010. Since then I've been featured in some of the local TV shows and also magazines.
+ I'm a life member of The Arts & Crafts Guild, KL & Selangor and currently a crochet instructor in Spotlight, Malaysia.

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Experiment: Wrap Bracelet with stone beads

Another experiment for wrap bracelet for my personal use. This time I used some gem stone beads for them. The first time I'm using gem stone beads which was quite expensive material that I've ever bought for only beads! The weaving of the beads to me a lot of time & I need to bead one by one those 4mm beads while weaving on the cord. For 4 wrap bracelet took me nearly 2 days to complete! Really tedious to make except you have the patient. Yeah, I was crazy with these wrap bracelet that's why I do it! LOL. Anyway here's the outcome:

Blue Agate gemstone beads combined with some purple glass beads & metal beads, wrap on blue cotton cord & a flower design button for the fastener.

Black Agate gemstone beads combined with some brown glass beads, silver & gunmetal metal beads, wrap on black cotton cord & a vintage flower design button as the fastener.

This one is wrap with white Howlite gemstone beads on a black cotton cord & plastic resin button for the fastener. Just love the natural black cracks on the beads.

This is how they look like when I wear them!
Just love them that I wear each of them alternately to work! =P
What do you think? =)

BenangKait.com FB Baby Booties Contest

I'm entering a fun baby booties contest by BenangKait.com at Facebook! This is my first time crochet baby booties & also entering a contest! I just designed these baby pumps last night! =)

The contest is from 16th till 30th July. It would be great if you all can help me to vote LIKE!
Here's the baby pumps I've made: 

How to vote?
                                          1) LIKE BenangKait.Com FB page HERE.

                                          2) LIKE my Pink Baby Pumps HERE!

 Hope you guys can help me to vote LIKE! Thanks a bunch in advance! =D

Custom Triple Zippered Crochet Pouch!

This is a custom order pouch by Kak Ina for her mobile phones (which I think she have 2) and all the other miscellaneous stuff that she want to be in one place. Here's the finished pouch: 

All the zippers & inner felt lining are hand sewn (No sewing machine). It take me some time to figure out how to make the triple zipper compartments. This maroon pouch has safely passed to Kak Ina. 
She loves it. Thanks Kak Ina!

I got another 2 pouch order from her, one for herself  (cosmetic pouch) & another one for her daughter Need to work out with the design soon! =)

Cool Mohawk Beanie!

A special request from a Chelsea football team fan! He requested navy blue beanie with black Mohawk. I was really an exciting order as I never done one before =D. Here's the outcome:

Tadaaa~ I'm quite satisfied with the outcome. What do you think? Would you want to wear one yourself? =)

This Mohawk Beanie has arrived safely to the owner! Hope that Chelsea team will have a good match with Harimau Malaya team (aka Malaya Tigers; Malaysian team) this Thursday!

Experiment: Cord bracelet!

 An experiment making some simple adjustable cord bracelet for personal collection:

Adjustable cotton cord bracelet with some rusty gold beads & donut Jade given by Mikko. I was thinking of wearing the Jade, so this is the best way to wear it as I like bracelet compare to necklace =) 

A simple design cord bracelet with a gold unique button for fastening. Some of my friend even called it prosperity as the colour red & gold =)

I'm crazy about bracelet now! XD

Experiment: My First Wrap Bracelet

I love bracelets. I love Chan Lulu's gorgeous wrap bracelet which also inspired me to make my own wrap bracelet! This is my first attempt to make a wrap bracelet of my own using imitation leather cord & metal chain. Check it out:

Tadaaa~ I used one of my favorite metal button for the fastener. I just managed to make a 2 wrap bracelet with my available imitation leather cord.

This is how the wrap bracelet look like when I wear it. It's becoming one of my fav accessories. 
I will try to make more with different materials & more wraps when I managed to get the supplies.
What do you think about my new wrap bracelet? =)

MFK Baby Beanies!

An order requested by Noorahayu for her baby Najla. She requested a red earflap beanie & a black beret. It's my first time making these beanie designs for a 2months old baby. Here's the outcome:

Baby red earflap beanie! A way smaller version compare to the adult earflap =D.

 A plain black baby beret beanie for baby Najla.

Noorahayu had received the beanies safely & they fits baby Najla just nicely.  Plus she look so cute in it! (I've saw her wearing it on FB =D)

Thanks for ordering! =)

Experiment: Another batch of MFK Design Blairs!

Here's another batch of wrap crochet headband that I did. This time I've used a smaller headband with teeth & play around with beads for the embellishment. Here's the outcome:

Crocheted blue sew with gunmetal round beads.

 Crocheted brown sew with bronze rice beads.

 Crocheted grey sew with metallic metal chain.

Crocheted pink sew with silver rice beads.

What do you think of my new design blairs? =)

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