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+ I'm Fyd! A full time working Malaysian Biotech scientist based in Kuala Lumpur, who loves crochet, crafts & DIYs.
+ Here's where I started sharing my craft journey since 2010. Since then I've been featured in some of the local TV shows and also magazines.
+ I'm a life member of The Arts & Crafts Guild, KL & Selangor and currently a crochet instructor in Spotlight, Malaysia.

If you like to say hello, you can email me at misfydkrafts@gmail.com

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Experiment: Cool Chick Crocheted Headband!

An attempt to try something new! Recently I'm sorta obsess with headband after looking at our proud Malaysian (from Sarawak) Sereni & Shentel's gorgeous handmade headbands quite sometime ago!
Well this motivates me to make some of my own designs using yarns. Here's my few attempts of making my own crochet blairs:

 Crocheted with blue yarn & sew on some stardust flat back.

Crocheted with light grey yarn & sew on with metallic chain.

  Crocheted with gunmetal round beads in dark grey.

I just love making them & I'll be making more soon. 
What do you think of my additional accessories in my wardrobe? =)

Art for Grabs + KL Alternative Bookfest at Annexe Gallery

Last Saturday, I went to Art for Grabs at Annexe Gallery near Central Market with Zam. It's a bazaar where people can sell their art/craft stuff & even literature/art books for the KL Alternative Bookfest. Miyyah (Miyyah@Kertas), Saza (ShareYourLoveWithCards), Nirwana (My Glass Cubicle) & Dura were there selling their craft & artwork. The crowd were ok & not too pack, so actually we can slowly browse every booth there. It was fun & a lot of the visitors really appreciate art & crafts! Here's some snapshot that I took there:

Overview of the craft & art section.

Miyyah & Saza booth selling their paper work! There are plenty of pretty & cool cards, toppers, magnets, albums & even paper miniatures.

 Miyyah's neighbour, Nirwana (MyGlassCubicle) who helped to look after Miyyah's & Saza booth when there are not around & Durra who was busy preparing fabric dye paint for sale. I love to see Dura's gorgeous artwork + T-shirts & Nirwana's cute knit baby booties! 

 There are some familiar faces in the bazaar like Individium & Juxta Arts. But one that I haven't meet in person is Reita Rahim from Gerai OA. I knew her from FB & she was really a nice lady =).   She helped in running the Gerai OA. 
What is Gerai OA? Taken from FB: "It's a volunteer- run, nomadic stall selling crafts, books, CDs & DVDs on the Orang Asal (indigenous minorities) of Malaysia. 100% of the sales money is returned to the artisan, business or NGOs."

I bought two pretty bead bracelets by the Rungus (indegenous of Sabah) =) Love them!

After the Art for Grabs, I went to Ampang Park with Zam & his lady friend to buy some yarns. Here's what I had there for an early dinner!

 My Favorite Asam Laksa (Rice noodle with tonnes of chunky sardine meat, pineapple, cucumber etc in sour fish soup)! Yum! But I still prefer the Asam Laksa taste at the Jusco MidValley's =D.

Wavy Painter's Hat Orders

 This is my first 2 orders of my new design Wavy Painter's Hat:

This red painter's hat was ordered by Kak Lin (repeat customer). She requested white Oohana with gold button pin to attach on the hat.

This brown one was ordered by JoLynn.

Both has safely reached to their owners a couple of weeks ago. Hope they enjoy their new hats! =D


I rarely get orders for my crochet bracelet & this is one of them =). This is ordered by Noorwalis. She bought one of my ready made black bracelet & requested & yellow+beige bracelet with hook for fastening (like here). Here's some snapshot of the bracelets:

Got the news that the bracelets has arrived safely! Hope that she likes it. =)

Coral & Bubble Beret Beanie Orders

 Here's some of my beanie orders from a couple months back  =)

 Custom Coral Beanie ordered by Nana.

 Custom Bubble Beret Beanie ordered by Inang for her sister. Inang also ordered a Coral beanie previously.

 Coral Beanie ordered by Salina.

Thanks guys for your orders! =D

My New Vintage Earrings

With my Pdy idea, our handmade earrings made using some nice vintage buttons! Check them out =)

Here a couple of photos of me wearing one of it =)
p/s Do excuse my not so pin-up girl style

My Handmade Crochet Hook & Accesories Case

I didn't have a proper casing for my crochet hooks before. Normally I just put them in a plastic case with all of my other tools. I eventually made this as Mikko decided to start crochet/knitting hook case project with a few crafty friend quite sometime ago. Here's my new hook case:

My denim folded hook case tie with faux leather cord.  All the sides were hand sewn with blanket stitch. No machine stitches at all for this case as I don't even have a sewing machine. Ok I lied, I have one but the small type sewing machine which just can make running stitch, rarely in used that as the stitch is not that good. =)

I've used felt for the inner part and hand sew some compartments for my hooks & thread snipper. I've also sew some denim pockets for my needles, thread, measuring tape & small accessories.
Now this is my favorite case as I can have all my tools that I usually use in one place!
Anyone has done your own casing for your craft tools? 
Do share as I would love to see your version of handmade casing  =)

Experiment: PVC leather Ipod Casing

Another experiment with my available PVC leather stock. I did this last month. As it's very hard to make stuff for guys or men, so I tried to make a 'guy' ipod casing with my pattern PVC. It's my old  5G Ipod video 30GB, so mind the chunkyness! =D). So here's the result:


 Some closeup photo of the casing. I did the strap myself using leather cord, ribbon crimp end & some of my jewellery making stuff. I've used some see thru plastic sheet for the display & touch panel & felt inner lining to give more protection to my precious Ipod. All hand sewn! =)

Some snapshot of my guy model (my Pdy) modeling with the new Ipod casing. =)

I guess some girls maybe will like this type of funky casing too. BTW I did my mobile casing with similar PVC but didn't snap any photos.
What do you think about this guys?

My 1st ATC: Mangosteenskin Butterfly ATC Swap

CI was excited to join Mangosteenskin's 2nd ATC swap themed Butterfly as she gave a green light for other medium (besides drawing & painting) to participate! Thanks Mango! I know it's really a late post as the due was 1st of May! I've actually finished them in March!
Anyway compare to my friends ATC like MikyLayna & Namizam, their work are amazingly stunning! Here's my not so stunning first butterfly ATC which somewhat has a dark & gloomy look =P
Oh ya, if you thinking what the heck is ATC, you can check out here for more details ;)

My three Butterfly ATC. I always love to mix my technique. You can see I have embroidery, beading,crochet & cro-tat technique here & there.

Had you guys participated in any ATC swap before? =)

PVC leather pouch!

It was an order from Sakinah which get me started to make the PVC small pouch. She ordered one to put all her USB drives.

As it was my first try on PVC leather, I've tried to make a trial pouch for starters just to get the correct dimension & everything as hand sew PVC leather is not like normal fabric where once you poked it with needle it, the hole will stay there. Here's some photo of both pouches that I did:

Not that neat as I was experimenting with the sewing the zipper, PVC & felt lining.

Nearly the same template as the first one with just a little amendments. I also lined this one with felt.
Hope that Sakinah will like her new USB PVC pouch! =)

A Fun Weekend in Putrajaya

Last Sunday I went to Putrajaya with Mikko & Miyyah to checkout our crafter friends & ACG member booth. I went there with Mikko & we planned to meetup with Miyyah at the Belia market in the 1 Million Youth Gathering Day(3 days event). The event was humungous! There were tents of several pavilion from each Minister Office in the Putrajaya (BTW Putrajaya is the federal administrative for Malaysia).  Initially Mikko & me didn't know where exactly the market is so we parked at the pink mosque in Presint 1, eventually we walked thru all the tents until Presint 4 where the Belia market is! I've checked the google map and it was 2.5km (around 30min) walk under the hot noon sun! The tiredness was nearly forgotten after we reached our destination! We 3 had much fun looking around the booths, meetup with some of our crafter friends & ACG member Adam & Shahril selling their fashion stuff (frugal mugal) and also snapping tonnes of fun photos there! Most of them in Miyyah's camera, will try to get the photo from her as soon as she uploaded them!. Here's some photo (not much) that I took with my camera =)

 Fun posing with the Lomo wall by a LomoKids Malaysia at the Belia Market. The wall was really pretty with all the colourful lomo photos! I too play with camera from Lomography but not that active. I have a Fisheye 2, Supersampler & Fuji Instax poloroid camera. If you are wondering what is Lomography, basically is analogue photography. You can checkout more info on it from the Lomography site.

After the fun adventure in the Belia Market, we went down to Alamanda Mall to have our lunch & dessert! Here some photo of us enjoying our ice cream!

 So what did you do last weekend?

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