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+ I'm Fyd! A full time working Malaysian Biotech scientist based in Kuala Lumpur, who loves crochet, crafts & DIYs.
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MFK on The 8TV Quickie! - The report

Hi guys! This is another long due post! I know it's nearly 3 weeks since the show! Yes, as you all know from my previous post, I was invited to be a guest on The 8TV Quickie on the 1st March. My good crafter friend Rebecca aka Mikko from Craftzmaniac accompanied me there for my first live TV show. Thanks Mikko!

Anyway here's some photos behind the scene by Mikko.
 The studio setting was cute & cozy with tonnes of doodles on the opposite wall!
Photo credit to Mikko.

Here's the videoclip of the show on tv taken by Kak Chik from thelittleBIGshots.

Videoclip credit to Kak Chik. Show credit to the 8TV Quickie.
You can check out the archived show at tonton.com.my

Don't you think both Zher & Megan do looked really cute in the beanies? =D.

It was certainly an awesome first experience to be on a cool & urban TV show with the 8TV Quickie team.

A big thanks to Akma who invited me to the show which was really a great surprised when I received her email on the invitation, Zher & Megan for making me not so nervous on the show (very pretty & cool ladies) , and all the 8TV Quickie team. You all are so awesome in your work especially on how you guys handle the 15min show with efficiency, everyday! Kudos!

Last but not least,  thanks to my family, friends, crafter friends, customer & fan of MFK who had given the a super great support on me for all these while since I've started MFK last year until now.

Oh I've prepared some freebies on the show for the callers & I hope they have received them safely =)

Experiment: Aquaria Rings & Vinyly Bows

Some new experiments I did on rings, pin & bow.

Inspired by Craftzmaniac's founder, Rebecca Chuah aka Mikko's idea on her marble & zipper rings, I've designed this ring & pin with some crochet touch of my own using some Japanese fabric.

The red & light brown are rings, the blue is a pin.

 Here's another simple experiment with vinyl sheets (artificial leather).

 Initially I got some problem to glue the bow together (hard to stick them together) but eventually I managed to sew it together =)

What did you guys did last weekend? I managed to do some spring cleaning, tidy up my messy house =D

Felt Craft Class for Kids - Report

Hi guys! It has been really quite a while since my last blog post! I was kinda busy with the 8TV Quickie (will be posting about it soon), catching up February orders & plenty of craft related outings. I've also have some bad internet connection too, making me hard to update anything in FB & blog.

Anyway this is a long due post (waiting for the TV show video) for an event that I've posted in one of my blog post, where my crafter friend Norlie organised a felt craft class for Kids on the 30th Jan at Wisma Bling Lustre, Puchong.  I've helped her on the class where I teaches some of the kids on how to sew felt. Although I've lost my way there with Zam (I'm not that familiar with Puchong area) eventually found the place after an hour late! But we didn't missed that much. The TV3KidsNews (a kids news show on a Malaysian TV channel) was there to do some coverage. Anyway it was fun!

All the teacher didn't have time to take photos, but we are lucky that Kak Chik from thelittleBIGshots helped us to take some shots of the event. She also helped us to take a video shot of the TV3KidsNews on tv.

Here's some photos that she took in the felt class:
Photo credit to Rumaizah aka Kak Chik from thelittlebigshots.

The teachers on the day, in green hijab is Norlie from Sekoci Norlie, in black hijab is Sabrina form Mikylayna & in black cap is Zam from MiezCraftShop. And me in my light blue slouchy beanie. The cute little baby with a big bow made by Norlie is Mia, a daughter of Kak Chik.

 Credit video taken by Kak Chik from thelittlebigshots.

She also did a mini photo session for Norlie's headband, but there are some of Zam's & my handmade on the kids. Checkout some of these adorable photos of the kids posing with the handmades:

Photo credit to Kak Chik from thelittlebigshots.
Her daughter Aiza is wearing one of my handmade, a slouchy beanie & my TatyHana pin. The slouchy beanie was made using metallic cotton yarn for myself. Ain't she just photogenic! All her 3 daughters are! Definitely the daughters of a photographer mum!  

Do checkout her official photography website thelittleBIGshots & FB page, she does beautiful photos of kids & family =).

BTW my friend Norlie also just went on air on Wanita Hari Ini TV3 (a national TV, direct translate 'women today') last Friday. So proud of you! Check out her Sekoci Norlie blog & FB page for more updates on her work =D.

Fun 'Felt-on-Tshirt' class with Mikylyana

Hi guys! Sorry for the long silence as I was kinda busy catching up with my craft mood (starting my craft marathon for the February orders) after the 8TV Quickie show which I'll be posting about it soon! There will be several other back dated post too. Some new design beanies & accessories. =)

Anyway back to the original post, another of my felt crafter friend Sabrina from Mikylayna is going to do a class at Shah Alam, Selangor on the 26th March. She is well known among us as the crafter who has the hand like a sewing machine! All her felt work are hand sewn really neatly & tidy as a sewing machine. You can check out her Mikylayna blog & FB for more of her amazing work. If you are interested to learn how Mikylayna do her fun felt applique on T-shirt, then this Part 1 basic class is definitely the one that you don't wanna miss!

Here's the details of the class:

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