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+ I'm Fyd! A full time working Malaysian Biotech scientist based in Kuala Lumpur, who loves crochet, crafts & DIYs.
+ Here's where I started sharing my craft journey since 2010. Since then I've been featured in some of the local TV shows and also magazines.
+ I'm a life member of The Arts & Crafts Guild, KL & Selangor and currently a crochet instructor in Spotlight, Malaysia.

If you like to say hello, you can email me at misfydkrafts@gmail.com

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Paper Quilling Adventure with Miyyah

Last 2 months ago, I did some paper quilling adventure with Miyyah from Miyyah@Kertas along with Mikko (Craftzmaniac), Saza (shareyourlovewithcards) & Shah. Here's the outcome =)

The 1st card I did it was at the mamak stall in Bangsar at night - with Miyyah & Mikko.

The 2nd time (a bit crazy with my freestyle doodle) was at the The Gardens food court - with Miyyah, Mikko, Saza & Shah.

It was really fun! Thanks Miyyah! =D

Instax Mini 7s & 50s Sock!

I'm quite into analog camera which uses film like lomo cameras besides my CDC =). I was planning to make my own Instax 50s a sock but I just didn't really get it started until one of my colleague ordered a sock for her Instax 7s which gave me a push to do it! She wanted a red one:

My own Red Instax Mini 50s sock!

Here's the Red Instax Mini 7s sock for my colleague

Both are the same design but the Mini 7s is slightly bigger than the Mini 50s. =)

Crochet Double Zipper & Cosmetic Pouch

Kak Ina is one of my my return customer & she had ordered 2 more pouches for her daughter & herself (cosmetic pouch) after the first one. Here's the 2 pouches I've made for her:

Double zippered purple pouch with shell pattern stitches.

Single zippered large cosmetic pouch with inner side pocket & zigzag stitches.

Thanks again Kak Ina for the order! =)

Practicing My Lace/Thread Crochet

Last few weeks ago, I went to the Art & Crafts Guild  (ACG) Potluck Steamboat party in conjunction to ACG's 18th birthday at Jane's (our ACG president's) place. We had so much fun talking, munching, sharing ideas & prezzie swap. Each of us need to bring an item handmade by ourselves for the swap & I brought my crochet beaded double wrap bracelet for the swap.

Double wrap crochet beaded bracelet, black with blue shinny beads.

The ACG 18th Birthday cake!

I was lucky enough to get some yummy thread from Kak Zarina, who is the only one that I know who dyes her own thread! Her hand dyed thread (HDT) have really nice colours! The name of this thread is Orchid Garden. Check out her blog for more of her work checkout ConcerningZarina.  I tried to crochet some flower with the thread and here's the outcome.

It took me quite a while to finish this small flower! The size is around 3cm in diameter. I just love the colour! =D

Sew Along Bag Organizer

It was my first time joining a sew along bag organizer which was organized by a crafty group that I joined a few months back. Most of the members do sewing & they have really nice sewing machine compare to me which I have non. Although I'm planning to buy one in the future but it won't be too soon =) Anyway, here's what I did for the sew along, a hand sewn bag organizer:

 I made a size that can fit my work bag that I use everyday. I've used a cereal box for the inner part & cover it with some denim fabric. I also sew both side with some pockets for small & loose items.
Now I'm still using it for my work bag =)

Free Craft Workshop At The National Textile Museum

Hey guys! It's been quite a while I have not update any post in my blog as I was quite busy with my work, orders & some preparation for workshops.

Our National Textile Museum (near dayabumi) is sponsoring free workshops for all (*limited to 20 participants each session) by The Arts & Crafts Guild members. I'm taking the baton from CrazeePatches  to do the Furoshiki workshop due to her tight schedule. If you guys wanna let how to use Furoshiki as a bag/pouch or even some decorative wrap using the Furoshiki, do come to my workshop on the 17th & 18th December at the museum.

I learned about Furoshiki while I was in Japan & always go crazy on the colourful & pretty fabrics available in the shops! As it's hard to get the Japanese Furoshiki (expensive too) any cloth available or even scarf will do.

Anyways, here the latest schedule of the upcoming free weekend workshop by ACG members:

19 Nov    SAT    10am-1pm    In Love with Beading - Flower Ring - Eva Ng
19 Nov    SAT    2pm-5pm     Shibori (Japanese textile art) - Fatimah Chik

20 Nov    SUN   10am-1pm    Recycled Weaving - Bremen Wong
20 Nov    SUN    2pm-5pm     In Love with Beading - Bracelet / Charm - Eva Ng

3 Dec       SAT    10am-1pm   Smocking with Hand Embroidery - Nirwana
3 Dec       SAT    2pm-5pm     Recycled Denim -What can u do with a pair of old jeans?-  Norlie

4 Dec       SUN   10am-1pm   Smocking with Hand Embroidery - Nirwana
4 Dec       SUN   2pm-5pm     Recycled Denim -What can u do with a pair of old jeans? - Norlie

17 Dec     SAT    10am-1pm   Furoshiki - Japanese Fabric Wrap & Carry all - MisFydKrafts
17 Dec     SAT    2pm-5pm     Handmade Stamp on Fabric -  Ellie Ng

18 Dec    SUN    10am-1pm   Silk-screen Printing and Resist -  Ellie Ng
18 Dec    SUN    2pm-5pm     Furoshiki - Japanese Fabric Wrap & Carry all - MisFydKrafts


Check out for more info in the ACG blog here.

I'm planning to go for the workshops this weekend!

BTW here's some sneak peek of my preparation for the Furoshiki workshop =D

F'dyHana Brooch, Keychain, Strap & U-pin Orders!

I got some orders before Raya for my F'dyHana OoHana, TatyHana & also my new Orchid. =)

Intan ordered several colours of OoHana & TatyHana keychain & strap.

Sheena ordered red & black Oohana pin+brooch & a black U-pin Orchid.

Saharatulliana ordered a pink & white Orchid brooches.

My friend Taty ordered a white Orchid U-pin.

Thanks for your order! Hope you guys like the F'dyHanas =)

Three Baby Girl Beanies

Azalilah ordered 3 customized beanies for her baby girl. A multicolour pink beret style beanie, a black painter's hat with initial & a pink earflap beanie. Check out the beanies I've made for her:

Shades of pink & purple strip beret style beanie with a purple Oohana.

 Black painter's hat with 'AN' initial hand sew felt applique. As this was for a girl, she choose pink for the initial & put a triangle button on the A to make it look cuter!

 A plain pink earflap beanie.

Thanks Azalilah for the order! =)

Baby & Daddy Beanie

This an order for raya from my ex-Japanese Intensive Course mate Bopan & wife Dot. They ordered 2 beanies which was one for their baby & another one for daddy.

Both identical in dark blue & with 'NF' initial but different in size.

Thanks for ordering Dot & Bopan!! =D

Mangosteen Craze: Again in 2011

Hi guys! I'm back from a very long Raya holiday. Hope that everyone had some fun in the Raya holidays. A lot crafty new stuff happened since before Raya & I'll be catching up some post from now. 

This a repeat order from Mysara Mangosteenskin for the mangosteen brooch/badges way back before Raya =D. She's such a sweet heart that her previous one was given away although she love it so much! This time she ordered 5 of them =)

Thanks Mango for the order! =)

MisFydKrafts Lauched a New BlogShop!

At last I've managed to build another blog for my shop!    http://shopmisfydkrafts.blogspot.com
You can click the shop MisFydKrafts button at the side bar to go directly to the shop.

It's in my plan for quite sometime like 3 months ago and now I've settled all the layout & some stocks for the shop! The first few stocks are my new items! Gorgeous bobby pins! Here's some sneak peek of my new blogshop & the bobby pins:

Do drop by  & checkout my new blogshop =). I'll be doing some minor adjustment on the blog from time to time & also I'll be adding more items (Oohanas, Orkids etc) soon, so do keep an eye on MFK shop for MFK ready made!

P/S: You can still manage to get the goodies before Raya if you purchase within this week! Payment must cleared by Friday (19/8) to get them. I'll be sending the last delivery before Raya on Friday (19/8) or Saturday (20/8)!  

Experiment: My New Design - The Orchid

It struck me to crochet Orchids after I've stumbled some orchid crochet patterns on the net. I've search some photos of the real orchids & managed to design this with my crochet:

It took me around half an hour to finished one of these orchids! I love them & now I can't stop making them!
I think it would be great on a hair bun or even as a brooch.
What do you think guys?

Experiment: Wrap Bracelet with stone beads

Another experiment for wrap bracelet for my personal use. This time I used some gem stone beads for them. The first time I'm using gem stone beads which was quite expensive material that I've ever bought for only beads! The weaving of the beads to me a lot of time & I need to bead one by one those 4mm beads while weaving on the cord. For 4 wrap bracelet took me nearly 2 days to complete! Really tedious to make except you have the patient. Yeah, I was crazy with these wrap bracelet that's why I do it! LOL. Anyway here's the outcome:

Blue Agate gemstone beads combined with some purple glass beads & metal beads, wrap on blue cotton cord & a flower design button for the fastener.

Black Agate gemstone beads combined with some brown glass beads, silver & gunmetal metal beads, wrap on black cotton cord & a vintage flower design button as the fastener.

This one is wrap with white Howlite gemstone beads on a black cotton cord & plastic resin button for the fastener. Just love the natural black cracks on the beads.

This is how they look like when I wear them!
Just love them that I wear each of them alternately to work! =P
What do you think? =)

BenangKait.com FB Baby Booties Contest

I'm entering a fun baby booties contest by BenangKait.com at Facebook! This is my first time crochet baby booties & also entering a contest! I just designed these baby pumps last night! =)

The contest is from 16th till 30th July. It would be great if you all can help me to vote LIKE!
Here's the baby pumps I've made: 

How to vote?
                                          1) LIKE BenangKait.Com FB page HERE.

                                          2) LIKE my Pink Baby Pumps HERE!

 Hope you guys can help me to vote LIKE! Thanks a bunch in advance! =D

Custom Triple Zippered Crochet Pouch!

This is a custom order pouch by Kak Ina for her mobile phones (which I think she have 2) and all the other miscellaneous stuff that she want to be in one place. Here's the finished pouch: 

All the zippers & inner felt lining are hand sewn (No sewing machine). It take me some time to figure out how to make the triple zipper compartments. This maroon pouch has safely passed to Kak Ina. 
She loves it. Thanks Kak Ina!

I got another 2 pouch order from her, one for herself  (cosmetic pouch) & another one for her daughter Need to work out with the design soon! =)

Cool Mohawk Beanie!

A special request from a Chelsea football team fan! He requested navy blue beanie with black Mohawk. I was really an exciting order as I never done one before =D. Here's the outcome:

Tadaaa~ I'm quite satisfied with the outcome. What do you think? Would you want to wear one yourself? =)

This Mohawk Beanie has arrived safely to the owner! Hope that Chelsea team will have a good match with Harimau Malaya team (aka Malaya Tigers; Malaysian team) this Thursday!

Experiment: Cord bracelet!

 An experiment making some simple adjustable cord bracelet for personal collection:

Adjustable cotton cord bracelet with some rusty gold beads & donut Jade given by Mikko. I was thinking of wearing the Jade, so this is the best way to wear it as I like bracelet compare to necklace =) 

A simple design cord bracelet with a gold unique button for fastening. Some of my friend even called it prosperity as the colour red & gold =)

I'm crazy about bracelet now! XD

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