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+ I'm Fyd! A full time working Malaysian Biotech scientist based in Kuala Lumpur, who loves crochet, crafts & DIYs.
+ Here's where I started sharing my craft journey since 2010. Since then I've been featured in some of the local TV shows and also magazines.
+ I'm a life member of The Arts & Crafts Guild, KL & Selangor and currently a crochet instructor in Spotlight, Malaysia.

If you like to say hello, you can email me at misfydkrafts@gmail.com

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It's back! Free craft workshops at the National Textile Museum Kuala Lumpur!

Yeah! The free craft workshop sponsored buy the National Textile Museum Kuala Lumpur is back this year!! 10 ACG members will be conducting workshops based on their expertise. It had started since last weekend until this weekend.

My Finger Crochet workshop will be on this Saturday 10am - 1pm limited for 20ppl and first come first serve basis. Do come & learn for FREE! Hope to see you guys there!

Here's the direction to the National Textile Museum CLICK HERE

For other members workshop check out this LINK.

My Crochet Clutch

It's been awhile i have not update my blog. Have been quite busy with work & orders. And lately i'm towards updating in my FB page Misfydkrafts and also my Instagram MisFyd. Will try my best to upload all the items that i've been making this year. Trying my best to update starting now as i can blog thru my mobile =)

Checkout my latest work. The red crochet clutch complete with black lining & side pockets. It was my first time sewing using my new sewing machine that I've bought a few months back. =)

New Beaded Light Beanie!

This is a new design Beaded Light Beanie requested by Yusfalina. It's an adaptation from my Beaded Light Slouch Beanie I did before here. She wanted something like a skull cap. So here's the new design beanie:

The new design Light Beanie white & pink.

 Close up of the beads. Pink with clear beads, white with gunmetal beads.

Thanks Yusfalina for the order!

Painter's Hat with Custom Applique

Yana ordered 2 Painter's Hat for men with custom applique designs last few months ago. Here's the painter's hat that I made for her:

The applique 'a power of 2' and 'æ' were completely hand sewn.
I hope that she love them! =)

Custom Earflap Beanie with Bow clip

I've just known my far far far relative Shikin (niece) from FB where she try to order a baby beanie for her cute baby Khayla. What a small world & I just knew that I'm a 'young' granny!! LOL.
Anyway, here's what she ordered from me:

Pink shades stripe earflap beanie with pompom top + braided string and  pink + white xtra large bow hairclip that can be attach on the beanie.

Here's a photo of baby Khayla with the earflap beanie =) With permission & credit to mummy Shikin.

Ain't she cute? =D

Bunny Bow & Button Strap Bootees : Order by Supermak Shop

This is the first order of the year and also the first bulk order for bootees that I received. =) I was approached by Kak Nad the owner of Supermak Shop, and she ordered 16 pairs of bootees / booties (various colour & sizes) for her online & offline shop. It took me around 4 weeks to complete!  Here's some of the completed bootees photos:

Bunny Bow Baby Girl Bootees. Name it as such as I always imagined cute little bunnies when I see them =)

Button Strap Baby Girl Bootees.

Here's the packed booties.
I've delivered them to the shop personally =)

Orchid Garden

This was ordered by my senpai (uni senior) Kak Fit to attach on her project. She ordered the kids crochet top dress previously here.

Here's the Orchids I've made for her.

These beauties are only around 5cm in diameter which is smaller compare to my previous Orchids (7cm). She also requested some leaves with the Orchids.
I'm eager to she the outcome of her project with the Orchids =)

First custom order of the year: Custom Froggy Beanie & Instax Mini 7s Sock

One of my first few customer of the year (February) ordered a custom froggy beanie for her baby & an Instax Mini 7s sock for her camera. She requested the froggy beanie to have a pop up eye like ears, so here's the outcome:

Froggy Earflap Beanie. It was my first time creating character beanie & it was fun =D

Pop fuchsia pink Instax Mini 7s Sock as requested.

Thanks Zamzila for your order! =)

Another contest by BenangKait.com: Baby hat+Booties

Hey guys! It's been quite awhile since the last post! I was a bit occupied by my orders actually, a big order from a baby shop for my bootees. I'll post about it later in another post. Anyway, currently I'm participating a contest by BenangKait.com in FB.

I made a new Baby Mohawk beanie matching with the baby boy sneakers that I've made previously. It's quite similar to the custom order by one of my customer last year which was for adult Mohawk Beanie . This is just the mini version of it and the Mohawk can stand too! =).

Do help me to vote LIKE to support my original work by clicking this LINK and LIKE my photo. =D

First experiment on baby boy sneakers

Here's a new design I did over the weekend, my first baby boy sneaker. The colour were inspired by a really nice men sneaker.

 I may need to do some adjustment on it later but I think it looks ok =)

 BTW Happy Chinese New Year to all!

New design baby pump for my good friend

My good friend Amal recently has given birth to a cute baby girl Alia. I was invited to her 'kenduri Aqiqah' which is a bless occasion to celebrate the new born. I decided to crochet something, so I made a pair of baby booties aka pump for Alia. A new design after the first baby pump I did for a contest here =)

The same colour as the previous one, but this time I tried to do something different which I inspired from the normal adult flat shoes. I bet you've seen this design pump before with buckles or button.

Photo credit to: Farah Hana from FB
When Alia try on the baby pump =)

Baby Earflap Beanies!

This is last year order by Atie for her baby boy. Check them out =)

Multi colour stripe grey, blue & white. This time I did something different with the string as Atie didn't want the braided string I normally do with my previous beanie (she said it looks a bit girly =D) so instead, I crochet the strings on both flaps.

Here another one with a simple earflap design without the still but with a pompom on the top as requested.
 It looks simple but adorable.  Don't you think so? =D

Thank Atie for ordering!

Iphone 4 socks & Baby Beanie

My first order for iphone4 socks & a baby beanie from Atiqah last year. She ordered 2 iPhone4 socks, red & dark blue. Here's the socks I've made:

I've used a stitch like fish scales for the red sock & the basket weave stitch for the dark blue. I also sew my plastic tag on both of the socks.
Here's the baby beanie I've made for her:
She choose the pink mix coloured yarn for the beanie. I crocheted an OoHana for the beanie where she can detached it my untie the ribbon & the back.

Thanks Atiqah for the order! =) 

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