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I love to try new things & DIYs. My work are mainly on accessories (beanies, hats, brooches, hairclips/hairtie etc) for teens/adult. I'm basically a full time working Malaysian (Sarawakian) biotech scientist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who is crazy about crafts.

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Another contest by BenangKait.com: Baby hat+Booties

Hey guys! It's been quite awhile since the last post! I was a bit occupied by my orders actually, a big order from a baby shop for my bootees. I'll post about it later in another post. Anyway, currently I'm participating a contest by BenangKait.com in FB.

I made a new Baby Mohawk beanie matching with the baby boy sneakers that I've made previously. It's quite similar to the custom order by one of my customer last year which was for adult Mohawk Beanie . This is just the mini version of it and the Mohawk can stand too! =).

Do help me to vote LIKE to support my original work by clicking this LINK and LIKE my photo. =D

1 comment:

Alcan febis said...

This hat and bootee both are looking awesome in this image. This type of pair is really very perfect for baby. I am so impressed by that.

baby hats

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