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First attempt of making hairclips

Last weekend I was like crazy experimenting on making two types of hairclips, double prong alligator clips & snap clips. I managed to line the double prong & cover the snap clips with felt. So here's the the result:

My first attempt to lined the double prong alligator clips. Luckily manage to make them neatly enough :)

Here's my snap clips. I've covered the snap clips with felt made from recycle bottles & sew the side with a blanket stitch.
Now the clips are ready, next is how to embellish them :)


feltralicious said...

huhuhu, saya pn tengah buat hairclips ni. dah embellish skrg baru nak jahit plak :)

Aisyah Helga said...

Wow! Byknye..semangat plk sy utk buat lg hairclips. At the moment nk cepat siapkn crochet projek tu. Where did you get those kinds of felt?

MisFyd said...

Gud luck! Tk saba rnk tgk your hairclips~ =)

heheh tuu ler semangat bat smp non stop :p. Those felt beli kt artshop kt KL.

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