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New Coral Beret Style Beanie

I was a bit crazy designing new beanies last few months. After the Bubble beret style beanie, I've designed another new beanie which I called the Coral beret style beanie. I just love this one in red as I think it would be suitable with any style of clothing. So here's the new design beanie:

The Red Coral Beret style beanie with embossed lines from the middle.

Here some modeling photos by my lil sis with the beret (after she had her new cute Raya haircut =D):
I've also tried to put one of my grey Oohana pin on the beret & it looks just nice on it. 
What do you think of my new design beret? =)


Aisyah Helga said...

Cantiklah,Fyd!! You're very creative! I envy you :p

MisFyd said...

Thanks Aisyah! =)
Trying to keep my creative juices flowing sementara masih ade =P

minamisensei said...

saaaaaaaaaaaangat coral okey..hahhaha
anyway snaagt cun jika di tambah o hana...like it very much..yup
aisha i envy her also...

MisFyd said...

Makaseh Zam! =D

Anonymous said...

hi Misfyd :)
Benang ni nampak tebal dan seolah-olah seperti kapas texturenya.. nak pegang dan rasalah huhu...
cantik beanie ni.. benang ni benang cotton? adik misfyd pun cute :D

MisFyd said...

Hi Sindar =)

Thanks! Aah benang nih mmg tebal dr biasa. Kira medium chunky type. Benang nih Acrylic 100%. Tk selembut cotton but sesuai for beanie / hat.

kami si kembar said...

berape harga klw saye nak tempah ??

MisFyd said...

Thanks kami si kembar! =)

Nanti sy email yer.

umie said...

i really attracted wit that beanie hats♥
bpe ea lau sy nk tmpah?????

MisFyd said...

Hi Umie,


Nanti email sy for detail at f.dy.accessories@gmail.com =)

Iera Lazora said...

hye there.. actualy i dh lme dh cri beret ni for along tym ago.. n now bru i jmpe beret yg i nk.. but if i nk tmpah bpe ye price yg u slalu ltak? if u emailkn kt i bley? kt:-


~~cute la beret ni.. :)

MisFyd said...

Hi Iera, Thanks! =)

Sorry for the late reply as I was away for awhile for the holidays & my internet had just got fixed.

Nanti sy email the details k :)

.::puppet::. said...

nice handwork Misfyd..boleh email kt sy harga kalau sy nk tempah beanie camni...or maybe custom beanie...

MisFyd said...

Hi puppet, Thanks!

Drop me an email at f.dy.accessories@gmail.com, if nk tau details for ordering.
Sy tk jumpa email u.

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