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My DIY Idea Sketch Book

This is one of my quick project which is an idea sketch book. I normally scribble my ideas on any paper that I can grab so it's kinda here, there & everywhere. So I've decided to get crafty & make one rather than to buy a normal one from the stationary shop =D.

I just used things that are available for making this sketch book. Some colour A4 papers, one hole puncher, my eraser stamps, stamp pad, some yarns & crochet hook. So here's my first handmade sketch book:

For the cover deco, I've stamped some patterns using my own craved eraser stamps. I bound the A4 papers by punching some holes & tied it with a yarn. From the side of the book, I tried to do some crochet edging.  Look a bit weird but then it gives the sketch book a crochet touch (the one & only) =P
Anyway, I hope that with this sketch book I can document my ideas more efficiently!
How do you guys document your ideas? 


Miyyah said...


This is gorgeous!! Love the crochet touch, love the stamps as well!

MisFyd said...

Thanks Miyyah!

Maybe later can try different pattern for the crochet...the stamps Fyd carved dah lama dah guna eraser :)

mangosteenskin said...

Fid, you should develop this product you know, Something different is something good. If nobody done it yet, it's better!! :)

Love the crochet.

MisFyd said...

Yeah! This new product has already copyrighted by MisFydKrafts! hehe :p

Yup, I think I haven't found anyone making this yet...so I guess I'm first...maybe I should develop some more of this product later :)


Anonymous said...

hi mysfid :) this is a lovely crochet idea. Coincidentally, i found one that have similar idea from other site. The link is here,


hope this share will bring you more inspiration in making more beautiful crochet arts :)

have a good day!

MisFyd said...

Hi Sindar! Thanks for the link!
She did a really nice job on the crochet book cover :)

At least it is not exactly the same(technically different...phewww):D
which mean the idea is not really new to bind a book with a crochet piece ;)

I guess i still can say this is my technique to fancy the book by not covering it :p]

Then I need to improvise the technique which will make it new & better technique =)

Thanks again for the info! Cheers!

Rafidah Ahmad said...

cool idea for cool products fyd! never thought sketch book can be crocheted :)

MisFyd said...

Thanks Kak Pidah!

Normally ppl will make a crocheted book cover..I haven't seen anyone only do the side only yet :)

it just struck me when I bind the A4 papers with the yarn....why not just fancy it a bit with crochet :D

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