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Handmade Bamboo Chopstick Crochet Hooks

I've wanted to try to make my own crochet needle for quite sometime. I did some wood & soap carving in secondary school & also some eraser carving recently. So I thought why not carving a bit for my crochet work for a change. 

You can find a few tutorials online on it but I try to improvise whichever is easier for me. I've used plain bamboo chopstick which is cheap & available in any store in Malaysia (bought one big packet for a few ringgits only), blade, sand paper & a bit of bee wax.

Here's some photos of my handmade crochet hooks & some the materials that I've used to make them:

 Here's the simple steps to make the bamboo crochet hooks:
  • Draw with a pencil roughly the shape of the hook compare with your favorite one.
  • Use a sharpener to sharpen the end of the stick & cut the sharp end of the stick. (This is easier way compare to use a blade to carve the rounded hook head)   
  • Carefully carve out the unwanted section with a blade (This might be the hard & tricky part if you are not use to carving, I did throw away some sticks after some fail attempts. Really be careful when you are handling the blade. Start a new stick if you make mistake, you may need to get use to carving it).
  • After you are satisfied with the your carved hook, sand it with a fine waterproof sand paper until all the hook surface are smooth.
  • For the finishing, use some bee wax balsam to make the hook shine & smooth. (you just need a bit for your handmade hook, but you can use this for your other bamboo hooks or needle available to care it)
    Now you are ready to admire your master piece, get hook & enjoy! =)


    Anonymous said...

    wow :) sungguh kemas Mysfid.. this is really a nice work.. yang panjang tu boleh jadi tunisian crochet :) tahniah misfyd!

    MisFyd said...

    Thanks Sindarery! =)

    If tknk belanja berpuluh ringgit for a hook & rajin nk mengukir, bole la bat sendiri, Aah bole jd tunisian hook.

    If ade lg panjang pun ok jugak for tunisian. Bole guna cooking chopstick yg panjang.

    BTW nk bat knitting needle sendiri pun bole jugak =)

    halizda said...

    akak TQ sbb dah tolong menyelesaikan masalah saya... mmg berhajat nk beli jarum crochet yg besar. So dgn adanya tutorial dr akak, blh le sy try. Kena cr chopstick le lps nie. TQ for sharing...

    MisFyd said...

    Your welcome Halizda.

    Nanti if ade masa sy bat tutorial detail lg. Senang skit nk ikut.

    Tgk nk bat jarum size besar mana then cari tebal chopstick yg sesuai.

    Good luck! Nanti jgn lupe tunjuk result yer :)

    Aisyah Helga said...

    Wow, Fyd! I'm very impressed! They look so professionally done. Can I order one??

    MisFyd said...

    Thanks Aisyah! =)

    Seriously?? hehehe...

    It's kinda hard to do if you need certain size hook though.

    lia said...

    wow!!cantikknya...macam tak caya je boleh buat sendiri..

    MisFyd said...

    Thanks Lia!
    Bole bat tp leceh la skit & susah skit dpt gauge size yg nak =)

    MamaDaniel said...

    wow.. sgt kretip..
    pastu shining plak hook tu..tabik spring la cik Fyd.. :)

    MisFyd said...

    Thanks MamaDaniel =)

    Bole shining sebab cukup kertas pasir smp licin & sapu bee wax tu =D

    Ayu@Sweetlilcraft said...

    Fuhh! mmg tabik spring lah:) cantik and kelas!! kalau nk order brp Rm satu?

    MisFyd said...

    Hehe...Thanks Ayu!

    Tak berjual lg sbb kene research market dulu & study camne nk bat gauge size tu...susah sikit nk bat size needle standard sbb handmade satu2 =)

    In the mean time, bole la cuba bat sendiri bila ada masa =)

    eni said...

    kreatiflah fyd,saya pun nak cuba buat,tq 4d idea.

    MisFyd said...

    Thanks Eni!
    Nanti dh siap jgn lupe tunjukkan hasil dia! Good luck! =)

    Bea said...

    What a wonderful idea!!!

    MisFyd said...

    Thanks Bea! Do have try it later :)

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