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+ I'm Fyd! A full time working Malaysian Biotech scientist based in Kuala Lumpur, who loves crochet, crafts & DIYs.
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+ I'm a life member of The Arts & Crafts Guild, KL & Selangor and currently a crochet instructor in Spotlight, Malaysia.

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New F'dyHana Design in the House! TatyHana

This is a new design of F'dyHana which I've made by using a technique called cro-tat. A combination of crochet & tatting technique. Normally a shuttle is use for tatting but there are several other method using needle & cro-tatting hooks. This method produces more lacey pattern compare to crochet itself. With my first attempt of cro-tat, I've made a new design F'dyHana pins. So here's the outcome:

I've used some vintage buttons on the F'dyHana. I just love the vintage buttons! It gives them an elegant & gorgeous look. 
I'm calling them TatyHana. I've made a bunch of it & given them all to my crafter friends =). 
What do you think about this new F'dyHana?


Rafidah Ahmad said...

wahhhhhhhhhh....starting the tatting huh? lovely babe! good effort :)

Aisyah Helga said...

Really pretty!! I'm lucky to be one of the recipients! Thanks again, Fyd!

MisFyd said...

Thanks beb! Yeap!...Bought a shuttle & learned to use it while my popo(grandma)& mum was in KL. A bit hard to digest at first but roughly I get the idea how to do it. But eventually I go for crochet tatting which is more easy for me! Hehehe..obviously with the 'crochet' part in the picture :P

Aisyah: Thanks Aisyah! =D

mangosteenskin said...

gorgoeous!! like you say, it look vintage! great work fid!

MisFyd said...

Thanks Mango! I just love vintage look! =)

As said...

cantek !!!! :D

MisFyd said...

Thanks As! =D

sue said...

lovely! i'm dying to tat you know.. whoa... nak pinjam tangan la.. keh keh keh

MisFyd said...

Thanks Sue! =)
Hahaha tgn tkleh pinjam...mahal nih =P... tp ilmu bole la share =)

Shuttle tatting Fyd tk pandai sgt sbb byk movement tgn. Selalu je benang tersimpul (thread). Hehehe... So eventually needle tatting or cro-tat is easier for me. Personally I prefer Cro-tat more! =D

Envy those who know how to tat!
We also have some good local shuttle tatters from Malaysia (internationally known too)!
One that I know is Jon's Thread Escapades
http://tatsaway.blogspot.com/, who does great patterns. Most probably you've known about her already.=)

MamaDaniel said...

suka..suka..suka... ada class tau.. :D

MisFyd said...

Thanks MamaDaniel! =D

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