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Experiment: Aquaria Rings & Vinyly Bows

Some new experiments I did on rings, pin & bow.

Inspired by Craftzmaniac's founder, Rebecca Chuah aka Mikko's idea on her marble & zipper rings, I've designed this ring & pin with some crochet touch of my own using some Japanese fabric.

The red & light brown are rings, the blue is a pin.

 Here's another simple experiment with vinyl sheets (artificial leather).

 Initially I got some problem to glue the bow together (hard to stick them together) but eventually I managed to sew it together =)

What did you guys did last weekend? I managed to do some spring cleaning, tidy up my messy house =D


Rafidah Ahmad said...

cool creations babe!
my weekend was a quest one...since belum payday hehehe..

MisFyd said...

Thanks babe!
Tu ler did some spring cleaning duduk dlm umh je =P.
Well this week is going to be payday! hehehe

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