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+ I'm Fyd! A full time working Malaysian Biotech scientist based in Kuala Lumpur, who loves crochet, crafts & DIYs.
+ Here's where I started sharing my craft journey since 2010. Since then I've been featured in some of the local TV shows and also magazines.
+ I'm a life member of The Arts & Crafts Guild, KL & Selangor and currently a crochet instructor in Spotlight, Malaysia.

If you like to say hello, you can email me at misfydkrafts@gmail.com

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The Founder, Designer, Crocheter, Crafter of MisFydKrafts (001975460-K)


Marathon Baker Custom Crochet Baking Chef Beanie

Tadaaa! The Baking Chef Hat Beanie customized for Marathon Baker! ❤
Equipped with all the necessary baking utensils so that their brand ambassador Aizat Yanan can run the marathon & make some energy bars along the way. 

360° snapshot of The Baking Chef Hat Beanie.

360° motion video of The Baking Chef Hat Beanie.

Closeup! I did an extra crochet star shape cookie cutter at the back of the Baking Chef Hat beanie for the diva star runner Aizat, ambassador of Marathon Baker! ❤

Marathon Baker also requested for custom machine embroidery of their logo. I digitized & sew the patch on both side of the Baking Chef Hat Beanie.

If you are wondering where was the measuring cup as it was not on the Baking Chef beanie, I actually sew it on a wrist band 

Never wefie with Aizat while wearing his beanie that I've made whenever he pickup his order from me. This was the first since 3 years ago he's been my regular customer. And I also got my first taste of Marathon Bakers Energy bar too! Thank you Aizat!

Aizat shared some of his photo wearing the beanie, for the first time at the Park Marathon & Watergate 16 hours Ultramarathon a few weeks ago. Photo credit to Aizat & the photographer(s).

This order was completed in December 2015,  a custom order from Marathon Baker for their brand ambassador Aizat. :)

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