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MisFydKrafts First Homemade Tape Label

Last weekend I was excited & eager to try to make my on labels based on Laurraine's Fabric Label PatchworkPottery's tut that was posted by Aisyah Daily DIY in My Tinker Space.

My check list & plan was:
1) Buy an inkjet printer @ Tesco near my place
2) Buy some iron on transfer paper @ Midvalley
3) Buy some cotton tape @ Macy (plus some new yummy yarns...muahahhah)
4) Redesign the logo fit for the labels
5) Install printer & test print the labels
6) Print the labels & cut them
7) Iron on cotton tape

So I went to buy an inkjet printer @Tesco on Saturday. Hehe don't have a printer after my previous one had broken quite some time ago :p. Well now I can do more printing work for my eraser stamps patterns too. :)

On Sunday, I drive to Midvalley to buy some iron on transfer paper at one of the computer shop. Quite expensive! Well anyway I just bought it to try it off & I can get a lot of labels for one A4. Then I bought some cotton tapes, the white one that normally ppl use for sewing along with some new chunky yarns @Macy on the same day. Later I just managed to redesign my logo a bit & layout it several sizes on A4 format.

On Monday, I've installed my printer, printed my labels on the transfer paper then iron it on the cotton tape. Not all the label are ok as some did melted b'cos I ironed too long :p.

Anyway, here's some photos of my first self made labels:

 My first home made labels!

One of the melted labels caused by excessive ironing :p
Hope I'll do better next time :)


Aisyah Helga said...

Cantiklah! Mcm pro je...Great work,Fyd :D Mmg transfer paper tu mahal tp boleh dpt byk kan? Thanks for mentioning me...

MisFyd said...

Thanks Aisyah! :)

Aah bole dpt byk guna satu A4 but byk jugak la yg logo cair :p. Kene pandai budget iron. Hopefully next A4 transfer paper will be better.

Kira cost pun, if sekeping A4 harga ard RM8 pun,bole bat 80-90 labels will cost ard 10cents or less each. Cotton tape tu plak tk mahal sgt pun tp ade putih je la yg senang jumpe.

Rafidah Ahmad said...

so cool fyd...i ni tak tau la bila nak buat....hehehhe

MisFyd said...

Hehehe...bile2 semangat nk bat!
Masa tu ler rasa puas bile siap kan? =)

Lepas2 nih tmbh keje tgn nk menjahit label kt brg2 plak...huhuhu

Rafidah Ahmad said...

babe...tadi i tengok kertas ion on for print tu kat area umah i dalam RM 5 sekeping..
pastu yang label kain tu dalam less then RM 5 ringgit kalau tak silap , ada kaler pink gitu hehehe

MisFyd said...

huhuhu...murah2....cotton tape warna pink ek! Kt area mana tu?

If ade byk choices of kaler best gak...tape putih tu murah, satu roll RM2 camtu :)

Ade beli for cuba bat label sendiri tk?

Rafidah Ahmad said...

hehh tak beli agi...sebab printer i ink abih **alasan hehehe...
kena buat felt/crochet banyak agi baru leh beli ink hehehe...

but babe..kalau u nak i belikan iorn on tuh..i no hal belikan..then i pos la to you....
sebab kedai ni dekat ngan uitm shah alam....memang dia jual barang2 arts untuk student.
tapi tape tu ada dua kaler jek so far i tengok....strong pink and white. rega dalam RM 2.++ la tu ....tak sure berapa panjang..

MisFyd said...

ooo...Tkpe2 nanti dh siap semua order, baru bole cuba bat label sendiri. Bole concentrate skit ;)

Thanks! Nanti bile nk beli bole la pesan...iron on paper ade lg :)
Tp pikir2 if pakai pink nanti logo tk nmpk plak sbb mmg warna pinkish jugak logo...heheh...Nway thanks babe!

:L:I:L:L:Y: said...

hye fyd..
need ur help..
i nk try bt label tu jgk but my prob is to deal with the prgram..
u gne software ape yek?
then ms nk print tu we must revert it rite?
nk setting kt mn utk revert kn wording tu?pls helping me..:)

MisFyd said...

Hi Lilly,
Programme for ape ek? If nk design logo bole cuba GIMP or AAA Logo.

If tk pandai sgt nk design2 nih bole je pakai powerpoint. Bat simply2 wording pun ok.

Fyd normally pakai powerpoint for layout & inverting it (guna function flip horizontal under format->rotate) senang. =)

Hope this will able to help you.

MisFyd said...

oh BTW Word pun bole guna jugak if tkde Powerpoint :)

:L:I:L:L:Y: said...

fyd,lilly gune word je..tp xreti nk invert..mcm mn ek?

MisFyd said...

Yg Fyd tau wording or logo kene convert as object/picture baru bole invert.After that paste as object in Word.

For Word 2007,
Select object then cari tab 'Format'---> Click 'Rotate'---> Select 'Flip Horizontal'.

If Word 2003 pun sama jugak, just cari tab 'format'.

:L:I:L:L:Y: said...

ic..thanks a lot fyd dear..really2 appreciate it..nt i try bt..thanks2..love.hugs..

MisFyd said...

Your welcome Lilly.
Glad that I can help :)

foxxy said...


stumbled upon your blog, where did u buy the iron on transfer paper from in mid valley?

MisFyd said...

Hi Foxxy,

Actually is one of the shop in the level that sells a lot of pc related stuff, near to the Gardens side. Sorry I can't really remember exact which shop because it was quite some time ago.

Good luck on finding them =)

i-scarf said...

Nak tau jugak apa type ribbon yg u guna tu..grosgrain ok tak..or leh suggest tak..

MisFyd said...

Yg nih sy pakai cotton tape putih biasa ada kt kedai jahit tu tp lebik skit. Tk pernah cuba grosgrain or satin ribbon sbb iron on tu mentioned for cotton. But ada pernah tgk org cuba on satin & bole transfer jugak. Maybe you can try.

But actually the label using iron transfer tk tahan sgt & akan worn out, if kene cuci selalu or handle lama sgt. Here's a few suggestion if you really wanna do label for your item that will last long,

1) use cotton ribbon & stamp your brand name use fabric ink stamp.

2) satin & grosgrain printing services (there are a few online, one that i've tried before is Kucin Purple)

3) Woven label (something like the normal clothing label have a min order amount like 1000pcs)

Anonymous said...

Hi kak :) need help. Saya tinggal di Shah Alam,Selangor. Tahu x kat mana ada jual "Glitter Transfer sheet" atau "shimmer transfer sheet" or "shimmer transfer paper"? kalau akak tahu ada kedai jual tuh,tolong replay.kalau akak,tak tahu... kalau akak tahu kt mana ada jual secara online di Malaysia. tolong replay and email saya boleh ?^^


dan akak tahu x kt mana atau secara online yang ada jual "3 inch black grosgrain"?need help sgt:) tolong replay and email ye^^ thnks.

MisFyd said...

Hi Sarapuckett,

Sorry saya tk pasti plak pasal shimmer transfer sheet or paper & 3 inch gross grain ribbon. Sbb sy tk pernah pakai lg. Yg saya pernah tgk 2 inch grossgrain paling besar jual di Malaysian online shop. Rasa yer kene beli dr website oversea baru ade.

lina yusuff said...

Salam sis nk dptkn kertas hp iron kt mn yek.tq

MisFyd said...

W'salam Lina,

Yg nih dulu saya jumpa kt kedai camera kt midvalley. Tp tk sure ada jual lg ke tk. Lina boleh check kt mana kedai camera, maybe ada jual. :)

MQbieber said...

Hi nk tanyer which kedai you beli keras heat transfer tu?
Agak2 dkt mph ade x?

MQbieber said...

Hi nk tanyer which kedai you beli keras heat transfer tu?
Agak2 dkt mph ade x?

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