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New Creation - Crochet Applique Bookmarks

Although I'm quite busy starting this week with my scientist work, I plan to create at least one new creation per week for my therapy :p. So I won't be able to update my blog that frequent ****sob,sob :(****.

Anyway this week I managed to try one of my to-do-list item, which is book mark. Honestly I'm not really a book person, but I guess it will be useful for anyone who like to indulge in thick novels or books :p. It might be a nice gift too.

For this first try, I made some crochet applique & glue it onto a hard type plastic sheet where you can get in any stationary shop. Punch a hole & slip in a ribbon. So here's the new bookmark:

What do you think? 
I have a bit of problem on making the glue look nice at the back side of the bookmark as the plastic sheet is kinda see thru. I've tried UHU glue for the first one but it makes it a bit messy, then I've tried glue gun, a bit cleaner but still not that nice looking.
Anyone has a suggestion on what type of glue or how to glue this acrylic appliques on plastic sheet nicely so that it's more presentable when ppl flip it?


minamisensei said...

cuba try 3 second glue..kat studio kami panggil gam babi..tak tahu nper..tapi jgn rsau halal ..hahha
tapi cepat kering dan jernih..maybe missfyd leh try

MisFyd said...

LOL...thanks minami! Panggil camtu maybe sbb kering cpt sgt kot... Ade gak pikir nk pakai gam cpt kering...tp takut tk sempat plak nk lekat kt plastic sheet tu...bole try nanti...tu bole dpt kt normal store kan?

Aisyahelga said...

Wow! Very nice and unique. Why not cut out a piece of felt,maybe in a contrasting color and blanket stitch around the plastic. Just my opinion..Good luck!

MisFyd said...

Thanks Aisyah! Yeah.. maybe I should try to cover the plastic with felt.

Rafidah Ahmad said...

yup..i agree with aisyahhelga...kalau u cover sket ngan felt pun ok....buat la certain bentuk..love ke, star ke apa ke..anyway, cool creation :)

MisFyd said...

Thanks babe! Nanti cuba pakai felt cover. Tp kene bat stock felt skit dulu. hehe :)

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