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First attempt on crochet wire

Last week I've stumbled upon some craft copper wires in a sewing shop. I bought some electric blue colour copper wire just to try the wire crochet which I wanted to try recently. I tried to make a bracelet using the wire + bugle beads with a simply pattern that I just made it up myself. So here's the outcome:

I've used the crochet with beads technique that I've used with my yarn  bracelet. Didn't really know how to end the wire so I just twisted it into clumps to make a ball for the fastener. I think I need more practice to make the loop more nicer =)


Aisyah Helga said...

Wow! Nice. Was it painful to handle the wires? or are they soft? Great work!

MisFyd said...

Thanks Aisyah!
Not really painful as the copper wire were soft. I bet if the wire are hard then it will be painful =P
The difference between yarn is when you pull it into the loop, it's not easy to pull it out =)

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Looks Great! I'm brand new to your blog, found you via google and I love your first bracelet. I too wire crochet amongst other styles of designing jewelry. I'd love to invite you to pop over to my blog so we can share!

Have a terrific day!


minamisensei said...

im envy u mis fyp..hahahhahah
sangat amat gorgeous...

MisFyd said...

Thanks Dawn for dropping by at MFK =)
Just dropped by your blog & you have nice designed jewelry!

Although I've crochet for many years but this is my first try with wire. Definitely I will try to learn more techniques on jewelery making & will drop by your blog again =)


MisFyd said...

Thanks Zam! Kene belaja lagi nih tk pandai sgt lagi =)

Rafidah Ahmad said...

wahhh fyd...

sungguh seksi bangle ini :)

gud job sis!

MisFyd said...

Thanks babe! =)

SweetKnitt said...

Hi, MisFyd.

Saya ada nampak buku mengajar crochet wire accessories dan juga knitting wire accesories. Cara mengajarnya memang mudah difahami. Rasa nak beli tapi macam sakit pula pegang wayar dan belum bersedia lagi untuk belajar. Sakit tak masa buat bracelet ni? Bracelet ni sungguh cantik dan professional.Dawai jenis apa yang sesuai digunakan untuk buat ni ya? Waahh.. memang saya sungguh kagum dengan hasil Misfyd :)Semuanya kemas dan teliti.

MisFyd said...

Hi SweetKnitt =) Thanks!

Tk sakit pun masa buat crochet wire nih sbb pakai copper wire agak lembut jugak. Yg mula2 Fyd takut rosak (calar etc) if pakai jarum kait aluminium yg mahal. So hujung2 Fyd pakai jarum kait steel yg biasa. If SweetKnitt pandai crochet, rasa yer senang je nk bat crochet wire nih. Cuba la nanti ;)

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