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Welcome to MisFydKrafts!

+ I'm Fyd! A full time working Malaysian Biotech scientist based in Kuala Lumpur, who loves crochet, crafts & DIYs.
+ Here's where I started sharing my craft journey since 2010. Since then I've been featured in some of the local TV shows and also magazines.
+ I'm a life member of The Arts & Crafts Guild, KL & Selangor and currently a crochet instructor in Spotlight, Malaysia.

If you like to say hello, you can email me at misfydkrafts@gmail.com

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The Founder, Designer, Crocheter, Crafter of MisFydKrafts (001975460-K)


Sneak Peak for July

Here's a sneak peak of my work now :

It's something to do with pompoms =). Will post it after completed.


Aisyah Helga said...

Benda apa lah tu ye?? Tk sabar nk tgk!

MisFyd said...

Hehhe...tungguuuuuu~~ :p
Hopefully it will turn out ok =)

ezyane said...


u buat i tak sabar nak tunggu my pom pom maker.. hehe..

and i br lepas beli buku yang related with pom pom craft.. tak sabar nak buat lagi-lagi lepas tgk entry ni..

ur pompom colorful cantekss!

MisFyd said...

Thanks...best jugak bat pom pom...tk susah sgt...Jom ramai2 bat pom pom =p

Nih nk bat pom pom dolls ke? Best la ade pompom maker nanti. Beli kt ne?

Fyd pakai template sendiri potong je =). Yg penah tgk online is the Clover brand. Tp yg pom pom maker mak Fyd dulu2 pakai masa kecik2 lain skit. Dia mcm smbg2 plastic parts together.

ezyane said...

ticer sue belikan di spotlight, spore. I think die ada beli extra. try tanya dia either die nak jual or not..hehe

and dekat haby and wool kat ampang park also ada.. rasanya nak beli jugak yang tu next week :)

MisFyd said...

oooo ye ker....huhuhu...mak Fyd nk gi S'pore weekend nih...maybe nk mintak pesan if dia tau mana tu spotlight :) If tak bole la tanya ticer or gi Haby & Wool(actually tk penah gi lg :p)

Yg beli tu jenis camne ek? Clover or yg plastic main gabung2 punye?

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