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Anyone care for "string" noodles with handmade "crochet" chopstick?

This is another handmade chopstick hook experiment that I did in December last year. This time I used a normal non disposable chopstick with some decorative part on it. So here's the hook:

This chopstick was a bit harder than the disposal bamboo chopstick so the carving took a bit more time.  I would like to try with different material or patterned chopstick in the future & see how's the outcome =).

The handmade crochet hook does look more nicer with the decorative part, don't you think?


Aisyah Helga said...

Very nice,Fyd!

MisFyd said...

Thanks Aisyah! =D

MamaDaniel said...

sangat cool! hehe.. especially the one with bar code! orang sure toleh 2-3 kali.. :D

MisFyd said...

Thanks MamaDaniel!

Bar code tu tkde la atas hook tu betul2 =P. Yg tu Fyd letak saje je watermark kt ctu...

But the idea to put barcode on it mmg cool la! Nanti consider & experiment =D

Setty Lepida said...

an absolutely stylish way to knit ! I love, love it !! Ffffffollowing you :)

MisFyd said...

Thanks Setty! =) Do drop by often.

yats said...

nak buat sendiri takut jek tertoreh tangan, apepun mmg cantik. =)

MisFyd said...

Thanks Yats!=)
Aah kene berhati2 skit bat carving nih.

Fyd masa skolah dulu first time bat ukir kayu size dkt A4, penah tertoreh tangan.tu sbb silap sendiri ltk tgn dpn pengukir masa ukir2 tu. Luka quite dlm jugak sbb terkene isi between jari & still ade lg bekas smp skrg =P

Tp as long as jaga safety, bat slow2 & jgn ltk tgn dpn pengukir semua org bole bat ;)

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