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Free Craft Workshop At The National Textile Museum

Hey guys! It's been quite a while I have not update any post in my blog as I was quite busy with my work, orders & some preparation for workshops.

Our National Textile Museum (near dayabumi) is sponsoring free workshops for all (*limited to 20 participants each session) by The Arts & Crafts Guild members. I'm taking the baton from CrazeePatches  to do the Furoshiki workshop due to her tight schedule. If you guys wanna let how to use Furoshiki as a bag/pouch or even some decorative wrap using the Furoshiki, do come to my workshop on the 17th & 18th December at the museum.

I learned about Furoshiki while I was in Japan & always go crazy on the colourful & pretty fabrics available in the shops! As it's hard to get the Japanese Furoshiki (expensive too) any cloth available or even scarf will do.

Anyways, here the latest schedule of the upcoming free weekend workshop by ACG members:

19 Nov    SAT    10am-1pm    In Love with Beading - Flower Ring - Eva Ng
19 Nov    SAT    2pm-5pm     Shibori (Japanese textile art) - Fatimah Chik

20 Nov    SUN   10am-1pm    Recycled Weaving - Bremen Wong
20 Nov    SUN    2pm-5pm     In Love with Beading - Bracelet / Charm - Eva Ng

3 Dec       SAT    10am-1pm   Smocking with Hand Embroidery - Nirwana
3 Dec       SAT    2pm-5pm     Recycled Denim -What can u do with a pair of old jeans?-  Norlie

4 Dec       SUN   10am-1pm   Smocking with Hand Embroidery - Nirwana
4 Dec       SUN   2pm-5pm     Recycled Denim -What can u do with a pair of old jeans? - Norlie

17 Dec     SAT    10am-1pm   Furoshiki - Japanese Fabric Wrap & Carry all - MisFydKrafts
17 Dec     SAT    2pm-5pm     Handmade Stamp on Fabric -  Ellie Ng

18 Dec    SUN    10am-1pm   Silk-screen Printing and Resist -  Ellie Ng
18 Dec    SUN    2pm-5pm     Furoshiki - Japanese Fabric Wrap & Carry all - MisFydKrafts


Check out for more info in the ACG blog here.

I'm planning to go for the workshops this weekend!

BTW here's some sneak peek of my preparation for the Furoshiki workshop =D

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