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Crochet Double Zipper & Cosmetic Pouch

Kak Ina is one of my my return customer & she had ordered 2 more pouches for her daughter & herself (cosmetic pouch) after the first one. Here's the 2 pouches I've made for her:

Double zippered purple pouch with shell pattern stitches.

Single zippered large cosmetic pouch with inner side pocket & zigzag stitches.

Thanks again Kak Ina for the order! =)


MamaDaniel said...

cantiknyer zig zag pouch tu!!!! (mode: menjerit nih!!!)

MisFyd said...

Thanks MamaDaniel =)
Susah jugak buat yg pouch zigzag tu sbb kene smbg2 byk & besar.

Fansi said...

So pretty! Do you have any pattern for this or just similar ones? I love this two-sided purse. Never found it anywhere on the net. Could you please teach me how to do it? Or any patterns will do ;)

MisFyd said...

Thanks Fansi! I've figured out the pattern myself, so no actual written pattern available.

Actually the crochet is just normal pattern stitches that I do crochet round.
The lining is the part which makes it double zipper.
You can search for tutorial on how to make 2 zipper pouch (or just the lining) & just combine 2 of it side by side. Then you just need to hand sew it together with the crochet outer part. You'll need to make sure the fabric lining fits into the crochet you did.

Hope that this can give you some ideas on how to make them =)

MisFyd said...

BTW you can check out Futuregirl nice tutorial on making crochet bag lining to get the idea on how to do it. http://www.futuregirl.com/craft_blog/2008/1/tutorial-sew-lining-for-crocheted-bag.aspx

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