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Instax Mini 7s & 50s Sock!

I'm quite into analog camera which uses film like lomo cameras besides my CDC =). I was planning to make my own Instax 50s a sock but I just didn't really get it started until one of my colleague ordered a sock for her Instax 7s which gave me a push to do it! She wanted a red one:

My own Red Instax Mini 50s sock!

Here's the Red Instax Mini 7s sock for my colleague

Both are the same design but the Mini 7s is slightly bigger than the Mini 50s. =)


Rafidah Ahmad said...

canteknya babe!!!!!!!!!

susah tak pattern ni...mcm nak cuba jek untuk kamera aku hehehe

MisFyd said...

Thanks! Tk susah sgt pun. Guna basic stitches jek. Yg susah nk budget size jek sbb Fyd suka buat ngam2. Cuba la for camera sendiri :D

Ad Lee said...

boleh sik mun kmk mok order tuk instax 50s kmk ? warna purple :)

MisFyd said...

Ad Lee, bole. Ktk email jak mek di f.dy.accessories@gmail.com for order k =)

asilah ahmad said...

you accept order tak?

MisFyd said...

Yes, I do accept orders Asilah. Please email me at f.dy.accessories@gmail.com or fill in the order form.

FYI I'm in the midst of making some ready made sock for Instax Mini 7s.=)

misz beauty said...

how much for the 7s socks dear?

MisFyd said...

Hi Misz beauty,

The 7s & 50s socks are the same price, made-to order RM35 each (postage not included).

You can choose the colour you like based on my available yarn stock. If you are interested please email me to f.dy.accessories@gmail.com =)

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