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Felting craft

I didn't managed to create anything new last week as I was busy with my work. Sunday was full of errands & today I have my company's bowling tournament. It was a great game & my team did a really great job!

As I'm feeling guilty not updating anything on my blog :p, I dig out some of my crafts that I did while in Japan. Today I'll show you the one & only felting work that I've tried.

When you hear about felt work, most probably the first thing pop-up in your head are all those colourful sheets of felt for your craft especially for scrapbooking, making hairclips, playbooks etc.
Actually there are 2 more types of felt work which is wet felting & needle felting.

Wet felting: Making sheets, various shapes & colour by wetting fleece or wool felt
Needle felting: Making patterns on felt by combining fleece or wool felt using felting needle.

So here's some photos of the felting craft that I've done & the apparatus that I have:

Here's my first felting attempt. A felt coin purse using wet felting for the body base, needle felting for the ladybird & the felt beads from scratch. The original pattern was only the coin purse from the book at the background but I've added the plastic & felt beads strap for some embellishment.

Some wool fleece & felt from Hamanaka that I still have in my craft box. Maybe I should try make something out of these some day :)

My felting starter kit from Hamanaka which consist of a netting sheet, bubble wrap, roller, big plastic sheet, plastic bags & soap for felting.

The needle for felting. It has some slits on the needle.

So any new crafts that you had tried before?


Aisyah Helga said...

Cute! I would love to learn how to felt(either way). Just hv to buy the materials first :p

MisFyd said...

I bought all of the felt stuff in Japan...I don't know whether they have it in Malaysia...
Most probably for wool stuff you hv to get internationally :)

Mummy Dhiacoco said...

Dear pinkyfrog wool felt sebakul kat my craft room. Bli kat US. Tp takde idea lg nak buat. yours mmg comel. Kedai craft Malaysia kat KL ada rasanya jual. Mana nak beli handle purse tu, susah cr sini. - pinkyfrogshop-

MisFyd said...

Bole la cuba pakai & bat sumthing out of it. Bole bat coaster, bag etc. Bole bat your own design felt!:) Yg Fyd ade felt bli kt sini is PP type from recycle plastic bottles.

Design tu mmg ikut buku bulat2 sbb baru first try. only felt beads tu je bat sendiri. Nk bat bentuk nih kene pakai something bentuk bulat jadikan mould. For that Fyd pakai bola polystyrene.

Handle purse tu mmg susah cari kt sini. Yg penah jumpe org jual pun online local May May Shop. Bole check kt blog dia.

Mummy Dhiacoco said...

Nanti akak try tengok kedai May tu. Pastu nak ikat dia dgn handle purse tu jahit ke dear? Pastu your beetle tu cute sangat la.. :) - pinkyfrogshop-

MisFyd said...

Aah main jahit tangan felt ngn frame purse tu. Sbb tu kene bentuk felt ngam ngn frame.

Thanks kak! hehe actually bettle tu ladybird :p. Tk bole dpt credit sbb pattern tu dr buku Fyd ade. Bukan design sendiri :)
Nway badan merah & kepala coklat dier guna fleece & needle felting bg lekat then jahit bg sesungut & spot kt badan.

ezyane said...

fyd.. canteks laa!!! kat sini sure susah nak cr sume stuff tu..

frust betul..

lagi2 handle bag tu.. lama dah cari.. mana tah nak jumpe..kedai may may tu kat mana eak?

Ivy said...

cantek sgt purse tu!
i simply love it~ best nye kalo dpt belajar how to do it~

MisFyd said...

@Ezyane: Thanks! First attempt je ikut buku.Heheh. Aah wool ngn frame tu susah skit cr kt cni. May may shop tu online shop. Tp rasa yer semua sold out. Maybe bole la tanya2 dia mana tau ambik stock baru ke. Nie web add http://maymayshop.blogspot.com/search/label/coin%20purse%20frame

@Ivy: Now they have tutorial online. Try google 'felting'. Maybe if I have time I try to do one tutorial on this :)

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