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+ I'm Fyd! A full time working Malaysian Biotech scientist based in Kuala Lumpur, who loves crochet, crafts & DIYs.
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MFK Beanie & Hat Photo Session in Kuching

I had a fun little MFK photo session with my volunteer models (my Pdy & my little sister) at my home in Kuching =). Most of the photos are taken by myself, a few were taken by Pdy & my mum. At last I managed to finish the editing. So here's the edited photos from our photo session:
Thanks to my 2 models my Pdy & my little sister. Luv you both!
Anyone else who wants to volunteer to be new MFK models out there? =)


ezyane said...

hehe.. best kan sesi photoshoot.. lagi2 ada hat yg menarik tertarik da bomb.. :D

love pinky hat tu.. sweet :D

mangosteenskin said...

Fyd! those hats look gorgeous on real model! your sister is cute too!

Nah, now I really fall in love with that ear-flapped one.

Rafidah Ahmad said...

ur sister is cute :)
and i luv the ear-flapped one too :)

MisFyd said...

Thanks Ezyane, Mango & Rafidah!

My little sister is easy to ask to be a model compare to my other 2 little brothers =)

The pink beret beanie was my first prototype. The ear-flap beanie eventually I gave it to my little sister & even the black plain beanie I gave to my Pdy =D

lia said...

cantikkknya ear-flap beanie tu!!love it!

MisFyd said...

Thanks Lia! =)

SydFdy said...

muka kmk cam org sakit...haha! sikpa janji dpt beanie freeeeeee~~~~~;D!

MisFyd said...

aok jak ktk tok...selalu nk negative jak di ambik ktk....sikboh camya....mek suka nangga ktk dlm pic tok....=/

SydFdy said...

okayyyy ;P! kmk bgn tdo rasa nya masa ya...hehehe..ya mata bincut! hehehe

nor said...

fyd....i'm wondering hat yg suitable dgn dress labuh...mybe seems like the flower hat..fyd boleh buat? n how about the price?

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