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New Gold Puff Beanie

Here's another beanie that I've completed last weekend. This one is more suitable for girls. I've used a light brown yarn but the colour is quite close to gold colour. Love the colour. I've used the puff stitch to make some texture. Do you know that it is actually my first time doing puff stitch! Well remarkably it turned out ok I guess with a slanting pattern of the puffs. So here's the gold beanie:

Here's the beanie while it's flat. Didn't not plan to make the puff slanting but then it's still look ok.

Here's some photos of me modeling it =)
Damn just remember that I forgot to write down the stitches pattern...well I just need to remember it back & count the stitches =P.


Aisyah Helga said...

Love it! You've done a great job on your first puff stitches,Fyd.

MisFyd said...

Thanks Aisyah! =)
I've tried to make the puff close to each other but it seems that it doesn't really pop up. I don't know why but eventually I just skip stitches to make them obvious.
Any tips on that Aisyah?

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